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Hello fellow salsa dancers all over the world. This page is to tell you a little about myself, my salsa videos, and my website, Salsaville.com.

I haven't had the time to translate my entire site into other languages, but I've prepared this mini-guide in [language] with the help of [translator's name].  Hopefully with this introduction in [language] you will have a good enough idea so that the linked pages (which are in English) make enough sense.

Eric "El Cubanito" Freeman:

I grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey, USA. Although I was living only 20 minutes from the birthplace of modern salsa, New York City, I didn't even know it existed. In '91, despite spending ten-months in Latin America on a 9,000 km bicycle trip from San Francisco, California to San Jose, Costa Rica, I still didn't have any exposure to salsa.

When I got back from this trip I moved to Boulder, Colorado (where I live now) and, mostly by chance, took a Latin-American dance class in the spring of '93.  I then started going to Boulder's only latin dance club. About a year later, something happened, and I became addicted. Since then, I have danced almost everyday and learned everything I can about the music and dance. I studied salsa dancing extensively in New York City, and have taken took numerous trips to Los Angeles. dance. In February '99, I made my first video, "Cool Moves Revealed" with Edie Lewis, "The Salsa Freak." Since then, I have made six more videos, and have traveled to Europe three times in the last year to give workshops. In the future, I hope salsa will continue to take me to new and exciting places all over the world.

Click here for my resume.  For information about past and future world tours, click here. To add yourself to my mailing list, click here. This list is only used to announce new products, or to tell you about new and interesting content on my website. I will never give this list to anybody else. Email me to ask any sort of question (but please write only in English or Spanish) or to inquire about setting up workshops in your city.

General information about the videos:

I currently have eight instructional salsa videos for sale. The main page for all of the videos is here.  Each video has a "Guide" which is a list of all the moves, along with some notation to help explain and to remember the moves. Each video also has some on-line video clips.  For this you need QuickTime software. However, there is a good chance that you already have this, and that everything will work automatically.  If not, click here, to download it for free.

My current set of videos are for intermediate and advanced dancers.  You should already be familiar with the basics of salsa dancing. My videos are aimed at people who want to learn a lot of new moves in different styles. Also, I am not into "choreographed-style" salsa.  With rare exceptions, all of the moves on the videos are leadable and followable. This means that once you and your partner are familiar with the moves, they can be lead with nothing other than a good lead.

The videos that I instruct are taught in English.  Explanations are kept to a minimum.  Instead, each move is clearly shown while I count "1,2,3,...5,6,7." Fluency in English, I would say, is not necessary.  The videos in which I am not instructing, the "Salsa a la Cubana" video series, has counting in English as in the other videos, but the explanations are in Spanish by the dancers. However, the talking is kept to a minimum.  In addition, everything they say has been translated into English on the website.

Ordering the videos:

To order the videos, click here.  Then click on the link, "Order by Credit Card."  That will take you to the page with a list of all the videos. Each video costs $30 in 'NTSC', and $33 in 'PAL'.  What is 'NTSC' and 'PAL'? -- they are different formats used in different countries for VHS tapes. The United States, Canada, Latin America, and Asia use 'NTSC.'  Europe, Australia and New Zealand use 'PAL.' To order, click on each "order button" corresponding to each video you want.  Shipping outside of the United States and Canada, currently costs $14.  This is the total cost whether you order one or eight videos. I ship out all orders for videos about once per week. Shipping is usually done with "Global Priority Mail."  This often takes less than a week, but sometimes can take up to two weeks to arrive to your home.

Ordering safely by credit card:

Some people are worried about the safety of giving out credit card information over the web.  I believe this is very safe as long as it is SSL encrypted.  This is the case if you see a padlock symbol at the bottom of your browser.  For Netscape Navigator, it appears as  .  For Internet Explorer, it appears as .  Make sure you see these symbols for the page where you enter your credit card information.  Then you know your credit card number is being encrypted and it is very difficult for anyone to steal it.  If you instead see,  for Netscape then you know your credit card information is not being protected.  For Explorer, you won't see any padlock at all if the page isn't encrypted. (Remember only on the page itself where you enter your credit card needs to be encrypted.) For most sites you visit you will see these symbols, but not all.  Salsaville.com is SSL encrypted and so there should be no problem.


"Cool Moves Revealed" (1 video)

The first video I made, "Cool Moves Revealed" is with the famous Edie Lewis, "The Salsa Freak."  It's mostly a video of Los Angeles style moves, with some New York and Cuban moves as well. We also demonstrate dancing on all the different beats of the music:  "on 1", "on 2" (two different ways), "on 3", and even "on 4."  There are a total of 60 moves on this tape and it is 60 minutes long.

General Description (along with a list of all the moves)
On-line Video Clips
Testimonials from people who have already bought the video


"Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict" Video Series (2 videos)

These are my continuation of the "Cool Moves Revealed" video, filmed with my longtime dance partner, Lauren Mones.

General Description
On-line Video Clips
Testimonials from people who have already bought the video
List of moves (click on each image to get to the guide for each volume)


"Salsa a la Cubana" Video Series (3 videos)

These are videos of dancing authentic street-style Cuban salsa. There are three videos:

General Description of "Salsa a la Cubana" videos series
General Description of the Demonstrational Video
General Description of Instructional Video#1
General Description of Instructional Video#2

On-line Video Clips (click on the image of each video)

Testimonials for the Demonstrational Video
Testimonials for Instructional Videos (#1 and #2)

List of moves for Instructional Video #1
List of moves for Instructional Video #2