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íSalsa a la Cubana! are the world's best-known instructional DVD videos
for learning pure Cuban-style salsa dancing.

Originally released in 1999, these videos provided the world's first view of salsa dancing as the Cubans do it. Since then, these salsa DVDs continue to be the standard for learning cuban salsa. Thousands of copies have been sold now in over 75 countries.

A few years later, the next series of "íSalsa a la Cubana!" DVDs were released.

Cuba has a long history of music and dance.  Before there was Salsa, there was Son, Mambo, Cha-cha-cha and Afro-Cuban music.  All these music genres came from Cuba.  Today, the Cubans consider Salsa their national music.  Almost every Cuban knows how to dance Salsa, and for many, dance is a vital part of their everyday lives.  Cuban salsa dancing is different from that of other styles of dancing salsa. Moves, combinations, timing, feel, and body-movement are somewhat different. The Cubans incorporate many different elements drawn from their long history of dance plus many modern influences.

These videos are of some of the best Cuban-style dancers.  The first video, "A Demonstrational Video of Cuban-Style Salsa Dancing", shows a variety of couples doing their stuff in front of the camera to a hot up-tempo salsa song.  The next two videos are instructional.  The first one is called, "The Fundamentals of Cuban-Style Casino Salsa Dancing", and the second one is called, Advanced Moves in Cuban-Style Casino Salsa Dancing." The instructors are two of the best couples from the first video.


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íSalsa a la Cubana!: Demonstrational Video          íSalsa a la Cubana!:  Instructional Video #1          íSalsa a la Cubana!: Instructional Video #2

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