ˇSalsa a la Cubana!
Instructional Video #2
Advanced Moves in Cuban-Style Casino Salsa Dancing

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The Video

This DVD, 37 minutes in length, focuses on various cool advanced moves for Cuban Casino dancing.

The video starts off by showing dancing highlights in clubs.
Then each couple demos their dancing for half a minute each.

The instruction is given by two couples. However, this video focuses on the many fancy moves of Joel & Yaqueline.

The ending, has a special surprise.  The couple most liked (based on feedback from the Demonstrational Video), is Joel & Yaqueline. I have two demonstrations of Yaqueline and Joel dancing.  The first one is on the Demonstrational Video.  The other is at the end of this video.  It shows many of the same moves that are instructed throughout the video.

In order to most benifit from this video, you should already be familiar with Cuban-Style Casino Salsa, including most of the moves from the first video such as Hecho, Deshecho, Dile Que No, Vacilala, etc.
You should be proficient at picking up new moves.  This video could be used by the dancer who doesn't know Cuban-Style Salsa, but who wants to pick up some fancy moves and is capable of adapting the moves to their own style.

As in the first instructional video, each move is demonstrated to music, executing the move twice with two different angles to the camera.  Then, the move is broken down, with a voice counting out the steps.

The Instructors

  Joel Fernandez Ferrer and Yaqueline Abiaque

Joel and Yaqueline formed their own duo, and call it "Son JJ" (JJ stands for Joel & Jaqueline - an alternate spelling of her name.)  Joel has some of the most unique moves I have ever seen.  Yaqueline is probably the tightest and most controlled dancer I have ever danced with.  Together, they make a very captivating couple to watch.

Ibert Vázquez Moreno and Sunny Soriano Malo de Molina 

Ibert and Sunny are members of the Conjunto Folklorico del Oriente.  They are proficient in a variety of dance forms, including ballet, modern, all Cuban Folkloric dance forms, and Cuban Salsa.  They have a very deep understanding of the dance, and are able to explain the elements of what makes Cuban-style salsa unique.

The Guide to the Video

The Guide, is available for free by clicking on the button above.  It contains a list of moves and explanations from the video.  More info on the guide page ...

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Sample Video Clips

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