¡Salsa a la Cubana!
Instructional Videos #1 & #2
The Fundamentals of Cuban-Style Casino Salsa Dancing
Advanced Moves in Cuban-Style Casino Salsa Dancing


Fabio Boschetti from Perth, AUSTRALIA:

"The coolest video in my collection ...
I watched both videos... actually I watched the second one 3 times already. I really like them. And I really appreciate the work you do, I think it is obvious that you do not just do it to get some money from unknown people on the web, but that you really put passion in it. The first video will be by far the most difficult for me, just to get the fundamentals of cuban salsa. The second should be easy because I will be able to incorporate the figures in my current salsa. I will try tonight."

Jeanne Petrick from Denver, Colorado:

Instructional Video#1:  "I love it.  What I was impressed with the most, was that it is a good learning tape from any dancers' perspective.  Although it's dubbed as a basic level tape, if everyone could dance at that level, then there would be a lot of good dancers out there.
The speak in Spanish, but you understand most everything.  I like how you call out timing as they are demonstrating the moves.
I'm going to get a lot out of it watching the woman's part.
I'm more interested in the feeling of the dance to the music, and that's what's in the tape. They feel the music very strongly.
I think the tape would benefit any dancer at any level.
I like your approach to the tapes in general, they are quality presentations."

Neal Watson from Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND:
(the person who mainains the complete list of all salsa videos)

Videos by Master Salsa Technician Eric Freeman
First Advanced Salsa video on my list

The original video, "A Demonstrational Video of Cuban-Style Salsa Dancing" is a series of demonstrations of some of the best dancers in Cuban style.

Now, as a sequel, Eric has his two favorite couples/teachers (who appear in the demo video -- Joel & Yaqueline and Ibert & Sunny) teaching a series Cuban-Style Salsa moves. (A list of these moves appear in "The Guide To The Videos" which you can find on the web site.)
The new videos are part of the ¡Salsa a la Cubana! video series, and are called:

Instructional Video #1: The Fundamentals of Cuban-Style Casino Salsa Dancing
Video#1 covers the level of basic steps shown in Eric's Demonstrational video. It teaches you a series of standard Casino moves
along with numerous concepts particular to Cuban-style Salsa.  This video teaches the fundamentals so the techniques can be learned by anyone. This video is suitable for all Casino dancers.  There are no risky moves in this video.

Instructional Video #2: Advanced Moves  in Cuban-Style Casino Salsa Dancing
Video#2. This is the first advanced video on my list. There are some very complex moves here for both male & female dancers. Both videos teach traditional & modern steps to the most advanced level. The Demo's provide additional steps not taught on the videos.

Review: I must start this review with a medical warning. Due to the complex & advanced nature of some of the turns in the advanced video I recommend that you do not try these moves with anyone but a permanent & advanced partner. Some of these moves are too advanced for normal social nightclub use without practice. The risk of breaking the females wrists is very high with some of these turns if you do not know what you are both doing. The reason for this warning is that there will be some beginners or intermediate leaders who will try these moves on someone who is not expecting them.  Only some of the turns involve a risk. Of the 30 moves taught only 5 moves involve this risk.  Most can be learned or used as you would any Salsa move.

Eric thinks only some of these turns involve a general risk. I agree to an intermediate or advanced pair of dancers under ideal conditions but  I have to look at a move & think about all the types of people who will buy these videos & where they will use them. I think these moves are far riskier than dips or fast turns. I would class the risk of the moves as about the same level as Salsa flips.  I also know that many people will try these moves to fast latin music not just a slow Cuban style which will increase the risk.  I would rather caution people & have you say I may be exaggerating the risk. This warning is geared towards beginner leaders who will try these moves in a nightclub on an unsuspecting partner. Some of these turns are seriously unique to update Cuban dancers.  As most of you know as you advance in any dance the steps get harder & more complex & the risk of injury increases.  This video is not a gymnastic video but has complex enfolding & embracing turns.
At the end of this site review I will add 2 practical tips so you can lessen the risk & learn these complex moves.

This series of videos is not really for beginners. You really need to be an advanced Salsa dancer. These videos do cover the basic steps but if you follow the dancers full movements you are getting an advanced lesson even in the most basic moves.  Ladies you cannot just be lead through some of these moves. You are going to have to be an advanced dancer on your own.  These dance steps will separate the great female followers from the great female dancers. Some of the dance steps for the male are amazing. I usually look at a video & pick up the move straight away. With this video I had to think & review what they were doing. This is the first video I have seen that is hard and is going to really teach me. You are both going to have to practice these moves. You cannot lead a beginner or an intermediate dancer through these moves easily.

These videos teach moves not seen in the other Casino Salsa video. I am not going to give a break down of the videos as Eric's site has already done this. In far greater detail than I would. Eric has given an honest review of these videos on his site.

Note: You will want to print out some of the pages on Eric's site for these videos. Eric has provided a massive set of written instructions for these videos on his site. In fact I think his review is better than mine. He covers all the points I would want to explain to you. Eric has provided On-line clips of the videos on his site.

Also, there is a SECURE new credit card ordering system. You will find this one easier to use, and for international customers Eric no longer has to use express mail. This means the shipping & handling costs have been reduced to only $9 for international orders. PAL & NTSC format.

To get more information on these videos, go to:https://www.salsaville.com/salsa_a_la_cubana.htm

Practical tips: I am sorry if I scare you or make you think the advanced video by Eric may be too risky or too advanced for you.

Only some of the turns involve a risk. Most can be learned or used as you would any Salsa move.

To lessen the risk to the females wrist. Males do not hold the female when you are first learning some of these moves. I will let you decide if you can or need to follow this tip. In some moves you have to hold the female. In others you can get away with a light grip. Females you hold on to the male & he provides a strong lead but if you feel you or he is going the wrong way you can release his hand instantly without risking your wrist. When you both have learned the move then the male can hold you & speed up the move.  I always try to teach a complex upper body move by first trying it as a Merengue. This way you do not have to worry about the footwork. When you have learned the upper body move then you can add the Salsa footwork.

Manuel Gamez from Madrid, SPAIN:

"I just received the videos and I am delighted with them. Good stuff.  Congratulations!!"

Issa Gorissen from Brussels, BELGIUM:

"I've just watched this video! I must say that I did a good deal by ordering those tapes from you.

In the beginning of the 1st instructional video, I found what they are teaching to be simple - simple because I already know them. At the end, I was excited by some cool moves. But the most important is that I will be looking that video more & more to pick up their different styles which make those simple moves so great to watch! I've just started the 2nd instructional video but just stopped because I can't handle it right now - I'm still too much excited! (if you understand what I mean!)

Good job Eric!"

Tommy Selggren from Gavle, SWEDEN (writing a review for the Stockholm Salsa Klubb):

"I promised a little review of ¡Salsa a la Cubana! Instructional Video 1 & 2...and I usually keep my promises...so...

I have to say that I am satisfied with the films. The first film goes through the basics in a very clear way, and they explain a number of details that are important for Cuban salsa. Considering that most [people in Swden] dance Cuban-style, I don't think there's anything new on the first film.

The second film has more advanced moves and is probably the one I recommend the most. Some of the figures are really cool! Buy it!"

Damir Coklin from London, ENGLAND:

"These are exactly the kind of videos that we dancers need, as opposed to some others I've seen (in the UK) that look more like travel brochures. There some really amazing moves in there, some of which I was taught by a Cuban dancer some time ago. But only now I realised that they do have names attached to them. And I guess for some moves you had to invent those funny names yourself.

I sincerely hope you will one day produce a Rueda video - a true Standard (if such exists) Cuban Rueda as opposed to the one of those Miami variaties.

Alvaro Castaneda from Vinslov, SWEDEN:

"Muchas gracias por el video. Esta buenisimo -- muy buenos pasos y dificiles. Lo voy a recomendara a mis amigos aqui que les gusta la salsa para que lo compren tambien."

Michelle White from Stockholm, SWEDEN:

"Just thought I'd let you know that you have left your mark here. Another one of my friends has ordered your videos and I have seen 2 guys out doing moves from your salsa a la cubana instructional videos. So here you are influencing dance styles in this isolated and chilly corner of the world!"

Eric Johnson from San Diego, CA:

"The Salsa a la Cubana videos are great.  They are very authentic, and it's almost impossible to find that material elsewhere.  Looking forward to more videos in the future..."

Eli Vermeulen from Gent, BELGIUM:

"The videos are just fantastic. I have not all the words to express all the fun we have with them."

Waidelich Burkhard from Graz, AUSTRIA:

"Thank you Eric, these instructional videos are really great! Great dancers, great music and real-live scenes from the "street." Incredible what you can do with 2 arms and 2 legs. Although they dance "cuban style", I think the steps can easily be adopted to "LA style." The quality of the video itself is excellent too. These videos are jewels, especially for people like me who live in
an area with only few good (native) dancers. Attention: Watch them is at your own risk. Afterwards you may want to live elsewere..."

Paul Baarn from Haarlem, NETHERLANDS:

"I received the tape you sent me (Instructional Video #2). There's so much great stuff on it. The first part about enhancing the basic step is great. I love to do footwork, but it's different from what I see here, so this is new inspiration for me. The stuff that they're doing in the demonstration of the footwork blows my mind. I'm going to work hard at 'stealing' all the moves."

Noam Tsur from Tel Aviv, ISRAEL:

"Well a lot has changed since I have seen these tapes. First I can say that the previews I downloaded of those tapes actually blew me away. When I got the tapes and watched they were even more exciting. The way it’s edited, first Fundamentals then Advanced, is the best way to learn. When you see a professional Cuban dancer do a simple “Exhibela” is simply OUTSTANDING. Everybody tells me I got better lately. I saw these tapes after I already knew some intermediate combinations in Rueda De Casino (Miami Style), so it actually influenced me to actually DANCE the combinations and not just perform them without any FEEL. I recommend it to anyone who is concern with his/hers Cuban style Salsa & Miami Style. I watch the Demonstration tape every night I go to sleep! Eric my friend, you’ve made one hell of a job creating these tapes, they’re worth every $ spent on them. Bravo."

Stephen Renton from London, ENGLAND:

"Just a short note to let you know how useful I found your Cubana video series. Having spent time learning the moves before visiting Cuba, I surprised many collegues from my group, and received many compliments from Cubans themselves on my moves and styling. In fact, some women told me that I was leading the moves better than some of the Cuban instructors we had over there!! I cannot recommend this series highly enough for anybody wanting to learn authentic Cuban styling!!"

John Jones from Manchester, ENGLAND:

"I just want to say how pleased I am with "Salsa a la Cubana: Instructional Video #1." It's just  the right level and covers some of the things I'm learning right now. I imagine before long I'll be in danger of wearing the tape out!"

Andy Moore from London, ENGLAND:
(runs https://salsa_latina_uk.tripod.com)

"Cuban casino is the real deal on these two volumes from Eric Freeman's salsaville. Excellent presentation and breakdown of Cuban steps. Brilliant."

Tony Kamenicky from Granville, AUSTRALIA:

"I enjoy all of your videos, but I could not help myself and had to write back to you. Last night I was watching some dancing videos and the one that you have put together that really stands out is 'Salsa a la Cubana - Instructional Video #2' -- it is an absolute perl. It is in the purest form and with your touches it will remain a golden treasure for me. I absolutely love it as it brings the cultural feel across. It is the best there is from the original source and you ought to be congratulated for the effort putting it altogether. Anyone with the interest of understanding the feel of the dance will have to appreciate this video. If you ever will do a simmilar project, please let me know. I'll be only too happy to have a copy."

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