Before life as a salsero I had never visited Europe. Now, thanks for salsa, I have been to Europe six times as of 2003. I've had nothing but good experiences traveling, meeting local salseros and giving workshops where I go.  I plan to continue traveling throughout the world.

Previously I have been to Canada, St. Martin (Caribbean), Tahiti, New Caledonia, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico (4 months), Guatemala (2 1/2 months), El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, The Dominican Republic, and Jamaica.

Now I can add Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Poland, The Netherlands, and Czech Republic to my list.

Whenever I travel, I like to get to know whatever I can about the place - the sights, geography, some history, but most of all, the culture and the people. Although seeing the famous sights and attractions is worth some of my time, it has never been my main interest.   I like to experience living with locals, and get an insiders view of everything.

I also want to visit and dance in the clubs everywhere I go.  If you are interested in trying to set up a workshop in your city, please email me.

About my teaching:

My specialty is mixing the various styles of salsa.  I know Cuban, New York, and Los Angeles style very well. I also know what I call, "Cumbia style", which is something like a Colombian, Mexican and Central-American style.  I am extremely comfortable at mixing all of the styles together. I could teach an unfamiliar dance style and then show how to incorporate it into what you already dance.  For example, if Cuban Salsa is what you already know, I could show you some New York and Los Angeles style moves and then show how it can be mixed in with dancing Cuban-style.

I can teach the workshops "a-tiempo" ("on 1" or "on 3"), or "contra-tiempo" ("on 2").  I can also explain the differences between the "mambo tipico on 2" (sometimes referred to as the "New York 2") and the "regular 2."

I can teach hundreds and hundreds of different moves.  I can also teach (not shown in any of my videos) technique:  leading, following, latin motion (moving your hips, arms, etc.), and much more.

My resume is available on-line. Please click here for testminomials and other general information about my teaching. I am accustomed to giving classes of all sizes as well as private lessons.

Here are some among the many workshops I can teach:

* I can teach moves from any of my videos ("Cool Moves Revealed", "Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict", and "Salsa a la Cubana"), or teach moves not seen on the videos.

Past Europe 2000 Workshop Schedule:
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October 2000:

November 2000: December 2000:

Past Europe 2001 Workshop Schedule:
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May 2001: June 2001: July 2001:

Above you can see a snapshot of my very first two salsa tours. I have done many others since then, but have chosen not to keep up this page listed out the details for each tour.