Cool Moves "Revealed"

Video Testimonials

"Thanks for the quick response to my video order! I was very surprised at how little time it took to arrive and even more impressed by the content. I'm a professional dancer with a background in ballet, tango and swing dances. For me the pace of the video was excellent. I appreciate very much the need for technique in teaching dance but for me (as is the case with many teachers) there is already a solid technique in place. I tire easily of videos that have the instructors talking too long and then having to go through slow-motion replays on top of it all. Congratulations!"
Mocha Jo

"I am a dance instructor of six months only and I teach latin dance.  I just want to say how pleased I am with your Cool Moves video.  I find it to be one of the most useful tapes in my library.
I recently received the Cool Moves "Revealed" video and I was very satisfied. I've seen some of the these moves at the club before but instructors in this area do not teach them. The Cuban style moves were wonderful to see and the casino rueda demonsration was quite beautiful. Great mutliple turns, double hair comb moves, head ducks, free spins etc. Edie also adds some great styling for the follower."
Don DeBoer

"I have to comment that your Cuban Casino Style dancing is the smoothest, most "in control" I have ever seen. Consider I lived in Miami for 3 years and you will realize the strength of that comment!

The video is great. Your explanations are not over complicated. You just explain it like it is. We can take it from there.

Although I would not try to pull off those advanced moves with some woman I just met on the dance floor I am sure couples who compete will find those moves nice to add into their routines. There is a lot of good stuff your average club dancer can use too!

Congrats to you and Edie for a job well done.
Rich Monjure

"I just received your video with Edie!! I just want to tell you that you had some really awesome moves!! For a caucasian, you move very well with the salsa. Most caucasian men I know have absolutely no rhythm!! Big ups to you and your talent!!
I would love to take lessons with you, but Colorado is a bit far away. I live in Jacksonville, Florida. The salsa scene is not as prominent here in Jax, as it is in Miami of course. But either way- I am a true Salsera-holic! I am trying to get some of my guy friends to move like you. I'm sure in time they will get it!! I have one friend who has a natural talent and I'm sure he will pick up your smooth moves rather quickly.  Are you coming out with any other videos?  If so, please keep me informed and put my name on the waiting list!!
You're awseome!! Thanks so much!! Any tips for styling for me would be  great too!!"

"Eric and Edie - Congratulations!   Your new Cool Moves video is not only fantastic but it is such a great value as well!  This video is great for the person who is new to salsa or someone who has been dancing for years.  The clarity and quality of the video made it easy for us to follow and execute any of the moves.  We're excited and can't wait until Cool Moves III comes out!  Maybe you can show us how to link all of these moves together!!!   Thanks"
...Ed and Brenda

"I just received my salsa tape today.  I don't believe it.  And I can't believe the moves that I've seen already.  I must have have screemed at that tape at least a couple of times.  'Cool moves' is an understatment.  I cant wait to get at least 35-40 of those moves down pat so that I can show them off this summer. you said that there is a list of over 1500 different moves?  It's mind boggling.  I really enjoy watching you two dance together. And Eric is one of the smoothest dancers I've ever seen.  I've already started stretching exercises with the hopes that I could try to be as limber as he is.  Thanks for creating this tape.   I don't even want to think about what the next '60 cool moves' tape is going to be like.  It would be too much for me to handle right now.  Thanks again.."

"The solid rhythm of the dancers makes understanding how the steps are done quite simple -- you won't have trouble learning all the moves from watching the tape...  Two of the outstanding features of Eric Freeman and Edie, The Salsa FREAK's dancing are their precise standards of position and rhythm.  It makes for a very clear presentation of where your feet and body should be on each beat of the music...
Eric and Edie are not only good teachers but very good dancers -- their timing and positioning are flawless.  And, straightforward camera angles frame each move in utter clarity.  You are left with no doubt as to how each step is performed."
...Gary Brenner

"Hi Eric: I just received the Cool Moves "Revealed" video and just wanted to let you know what a great job you and Edie have done.   Your organization and teaching styles are excellent and the collection of moves you've chosen is great--lots of variety and many wonderful inspiring patterns.  I like having several different styles of moves included and also the inclusion of some 'classic' moves. (There were several very nice moves that I'd known at one point but had forgotten about... Now I can remind my partner to lead them more often.) Anyway--it's a great tape.   Maybe it could be the beginnning of an entire video encyclopedia of moves....(!)"

"We believe this video would be more applicable to intermediate salsa dancers, since the moves aren't broken down in great detail.  We like it because there are so many combinations on one video.  Also we like the fact that you show variations of the same combination.  The beginning of the video is great when you demonstrate dancing on the one..two..three...cuban...etc.   This is often an area of confusion with dancers who are only accustomed to dancing on one specific beat.  The verbal step counting and written breakdown of each combination is especially helpful.  Seeing and trying to learn these 60 cool moves makes us yearn for the other 1440 cool moves you have left to show!!!"
...Jeff & Colleen Shirey

" favorite is Cool Moves Revealed. Sixty moves at $30 is a great bargan and Edie is terrific with her emphasis on female styling."

"I am a budding salsa freak myself and the only thing keeping me from being a full-blown addict is the fact that Im just a beginner. I've taken several classes and also ordered several salsa instructional videos so it's only a matter of time before I can express on the dance floor what I already envision and feel in my heart. I have friends that are in salsa groups such as Razz M'Tazz and Cultural Explosion but what really inspires me is seeing someone such as yourself promote the culture of Salsa with such passion and determination. Being of Filipino descent, I have come across situations where people are surprised that I can dance the few moves that I know.  However, we both know that Salsa has a beauty that transcends cultural differences and racial lines. What I've learned from instructors, other dancers, and especially yourself inspired me to write an article on the phenomenon of Salsa which was recently published. I recently ordered your "Cool Moves Revealed" video and it is truly the best one I own. It's easy to follow and most of all, it's beautiful to watch. I watch it all the time just so I can try to perfect my own style. I love dancing on the one but the best thing is that you can adapt all the moves to dancing on the 2, 3 or 4 for that matter. Which leads me to my next question......When is the next Cool Moves coming out? And for that matter, Volumes 3, 4, 5-100? I can't wait Edie.....Take care and long live Salsa!!!  'True happiness lies in 3 words - Passion, Desire and Risk'"
Paris E. San Diego

Philip Cannis from Miami Beach, Florida:

"I just wanted you to know that I just received your Cool Moves Revealed video and I think it's awesome. It's great to see a lot of moves I'd seen on the floor "revealed." Thanks a million."