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Instructional Videos:

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The next generation of the very popular
"ˇSalsa a la Cubana!"
video series is now available.

ˇSalsa a la Cubana! are the world's best-known instructional DVD videos
for learning pure Cuban-style salsa dancing.

The first ˇSalsa a la Cubana! DVD series, released in 1999, provided the world's first view of salsa dancing as the Cubans do it. Since then, "ˇSalsa a la Cubana!" DVDs continue to be the standard for learning cuban salsa. Thousands of copies have been sold now in over 75 countries.

Instructional Videos #3 and #4 are basically extensions to "Instructional Video #2: Advanced Moves in Cuban-Style Casino Salsa Dancing." Each video has three couples showing a total of 31 moves (62 moves altogether). A few of the moves are at the intermediate level, but the most of them are advanced-level Cuban Casino moves.

Instructional Video #5 is on a completely different topic. This video, 84 minutes long, is about dancing with more than just the traditional one man and one woman. Rueda de Casino, the most popular form, is where multiple couples (anywhere from two couples to a very large number) form a circle and dance together, executing the moves together and frequently passing partners around. However, there are many other possibilities.  This video, in addition to Rueda de Casino, shows one man dancing with two, three, and even four women, and two men dancing with one woman. I believe there are brilliant displays of leading and following, along with a lot of creativity and having fun. For me, it's quite a pleasure to watch and learn from, and has opened up my eyes to a whole new world of dancing possibilities...

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Here's what my good friend and sometimes Sales Manager, Jason Spellberg, has to say about the three videos:

"The true 'sabor' of Cuban dancing is captured so well in this new video series by my good friend Eric Freeman, that watching it is like being magically transported to the island. There are enough intermediate and advanced moves in SALC #3 and #4 to occupy weeks of learning, even for the most dedicated of salsa dancers. In SALC #5, the professional dancers showcase their talents dancing with multiple partners and in ruedas. With the rueda video market dominated by studios in Miami and Los Angeles, it is so refreshing to finally have a Cuban-style rueda video for a change! And some of the multiple-partner dancing has to be seen in motion to be believed!

For those of us die-hard Cuban-style dancers, these videos have been long-awaited. I believe they set a new standard in the marketplace, not only for content, but also for music and production quality. For example, this series features the same addictive Cuban-style tunes of the original SALC videos, plus three new songs by an electrifying Cuban-American band called Son Como Son. And in SALC #5, one more infectious tune (by Lazaro Rosabal y Su Banda Tropical) is added to the mix. Also, in addition to the same professional, all-digital mastering of the first SALC series, these new videos feature a continuous screen graphic numbering each move; this convenient touch enables fast, easy referencing to any part of the video.

While the moves in these videos are simply awesome, perhaps the most impressive aspect of all is the way the dancers seem to "ooze" style. If anyone has doubts that Cuban-style dancers connect with the music better than those of any other style, I challenge you to say so after seeing these videos! And if you're an L.A. or N.Y. dancer, many of the moves in these videos can be adapted to those styles, as well. Eric, my friend, you've done it again. No wonder I'm still working with you at Salsaville.com!"
    Jason Spellberg , Boulder, CO, USA

Here is a summary of exactly what the three new videos contain:

"Instructional Video #3: Advanced Moves in Cuban-Style Casino Salsa Dancing":

"Instructional Video #4: Advanced Moves in Cuban-Style Casino Salsa Dancing":

"Instructional Video #5: Multiple Partner Dancing and Rueda de Casino":

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