¡Salsa a la Cubana!
Instructional Videos #3 & #4 & #5
Advanced Moves in Cuban-Style Casino Salsa Dancing (#3 & #4)
Multiple Partner Dancing and Rueda de Casino (#5)


Neal Watson
from Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND:

(the person who maintains the complete list of all salsa videos)

"Our review of all three videos: It is always a pleasure to watch people who can dance well. I watch hundreds of hours of dancing videos each year & it is always nice to find excellent videos. These videos contain some of the smoothest Salsa dancing I have seen. It is so nice to watch really good advanced dancers. When I look at an advanced video I am happy if I can find one new move per video. In these three new videos from Salsaville all had several new moves that I had never seen before. These 3 new videos contain some common moves up to some of the most advanced Salsa moves I have ever seen.

There are a couple of what I class as Master level moves in these videos as well.
These are excellent videos. Well worth adding to your collection."

Andy Moore
(Salsa UK instructor) from London, UK:
(runs the website: salsa_latina_uk.tripod.com)

"All I can say is wow!!! You did it again. All three tapes were brilliant as the UK doesn't really have a Cuban scene and the tapes provide a lot of new instructional material to digest as long as you have an elasticized body (joke!). I have to say I haven't seen anyone from the UK do or teach any of these advanced moves ... GREAT STUFF!!"

"All I can say is thank you for making cuban casino style of dancing accessible as it is not taught on the mainstream in the UK which I think is a great shame. Everything in the UK seems to ge geared up towards teaching LA or NY hybrid dancing. I myself since buying your original cuban videos and also Edie's Styling video have learned so much not just about moves and combinations but also basic technique."

"Video #3: And the moves keep on coming. There is some amazing and orignal moves on this video, not for the beginner by far and you need to have an understanding cuban casino style of dancing. BRILLIANT!!!"

"Video #4: Another video that will leave you gob smacked. How on earth do they get in and out of those moves, lol. A brilliant video not just for instruction but also good to see master-class cubans doing what they do best."

"Video #5: And the moves keep on getting crazier. Forget dancing one-on-one. Two guys dancing with one woman, 4 women dancing with one guy and also Casino rueda, this is the icing on the cake which makes you laugh in some places due to the craziness of some of the moves. EXCELLENT!!!"

Piero Gonzalez
from Washington, DC:

(Creator & moderator of Salserocorner, the largest Salsa group on Yahoo (at the time).

"My name is Piero Gonzalez. I am a Casino instructor in the Washington D.C. area and have taught at the DC Salsaweb Convention, Paris Salsa Congress and the Chicago Salsa Congress.

I have recently picked up the three new videos #3, #4, and #5 and I really enjoyed them -- they are excellent. Since I cannot go to the source (Cuba), I enjoy being able to see how the best in Cuba dance their music.

I enjoyed the following things about these videos:
- The moves are very creative. There is a good balance between complex moves and less complex moves.
- There is a variety of styles. These tapes show dancers with various distinctive styles. I think this is important because one can apply the styling that suits one own's style. To me this is the best part of these tapes.
- The value in these tapes. There are several dozen moves on these tapes which can keep you satisfied for months and years to come.

I recommend them to those who not only want material (moves) but also to those who want to understand the style behind the moves."

Fabio Boschetti
from Perth, AUSTRALIA:

(runs the website: www.salsaisgood.com)

"Eric produced the most natural continuation for his 'Salsa a la Cubana' series. If you liked the first set, you will like this one too. Some of the more complicated figures which were only demonstrated in the previous series are now showed and explained in detail. Many more new figures are also included. Among them, a number of those typically Cuban intricate moves which seem to challenge the limits of human body with the fascination of impossible geometries.

The first video is of intermediate level. It presents some standard cuban moves, including several which so clearly distinguish cuban from other salsa styles. Towards the end some more challenging moves are also introduced, among which are some really cool ones. The second video is (in my opinion) the best of this set. Some really nice moves are made even nicer by good male dancers. The demos in this volume in particular should not be missed. The last video shows different combinations which bring salsa beyond the standard 'couple-based' dance. You will see a man dancing with several ladies, two man dancing with one lady and other combinations. Apart for the figures themselves, the video contains plenty of ideas to enrich your salsa which the careful viewer will not miss.

On the technical side, Eric introduces the use of the figure number in the top-right corner of the image. This simple feature makes navigating through the video in order to find your favorite figure incredibly easy. A touch you will enjoy right from your second view.

This is 'raw' salsa. It is salsa with no lipstick and make-up. It is salsa you can dance with normal shoes and for which you do not need a perfect wood floor. It is not 'loud' salsa, nor salsa to impress. It is not salsa to learn by memory. It is salsa to digest and to improvise on. It is 'real' salsa.

NY/LA dancers will probably find it rough at first view, but in the long term may appreciate it as an alternative way to interpret the dance. Casino dancers will find plenty of new ideas. A great soundtrack, including one of the best Son I heard in ages, makes the overall work more enjoyable."

Eric Johnson from San Diego, California:

"I REALLY like all three of the new videos... extremely high quality and rare material. Way off the scale."

Gerald Hemelmayr from Linz, AUSTRIA:

"I like your new videos a lot. They are exactly what I expected.

A good thing is that you took videos with different couples. It's interesting to watch the different styles, combine them and add them to your own dancing. I can recommend these videos to every advanced dancer. I like the way how you show the the moves -- I don't have to lose time with boring explanations (like in other videos that I've seen) but instead I see how the move should look like, then once again slowly with counting. For me that's the perfect way of learning the moves. Furthermore you promised 30 advanced moves per video and I got 30 advanced moves per video! In videos #1 and #2 and also in your "Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict" video series there are still a lot of, let's say "easier" moves, that an advanced dancer will know already. And although I also knew some of the moves of videos #3 and #4 there always were some new details and hints, so not even one move was boring or useless to watch.

I also like video #5 because I always wanted to learn dancing with two girls and now I have the video to do that. Unfortunately most of the rueda calls I already knew but that's not your fault.

Well I don't want to tell you only the things I like -- for improving a little bit of criticism also could be helpful. First of all I have to criticize the music. Don't understand me wrong, the songs are very good, perfect music for dancing, but after watching your first 3 cuban videos several times (and I'm not talking of watching them only 2 or 3 times ;) I can't hear "Amigos", "Me Impresiona",....  any more. You really should vary the music more.

Well I started my criticism with "first of all", but at the moment I can't find any second or third point."

Babs Silva from Paris, FRANCE:

"I just received and viewed the new and latest 3 videos, "Salsa a la Cubana" of Eric Freeman. These videos are for advanced level.

The moves and figures are extraordinary. I liked the style of Yoannis very much, and also the female dancer, Zuly, she moves with grace, fluidity and sensuality, she does the afro sway with her hips and torso, really well.

To give you a "bird's eye-view", the 31 moves from video#3 are full of technique, grace and fluidity. In video#4, a few dips and splits were shown, the 31 moves and figures are full of style specially the great footwork of Yoannis, one of the dance instructors. And video#5, the "Multiple Partner Dancing and Rueda de Casino", show how a male dancer could dance with up to 4 partners, how 2 male dancers could move as one person having one partner in their arms, and of course the amazing and amusing rueda. For those who want to improve and learn more of cuban salsa this is a "must."

Vincent Moyce from Auckland, NEW ZEALAND:

"I believe 'Salsa a la Cubana' was filmed for me. That is my style of dancing, those are my rhythmic patterns, the naturalness of the dancers defines salsa for me.  I watched and learned, I watched and was inspired. The dancers are superb bringing a reminder that salsa ought to be smooth and slick in order for it to live up to its reputation.  The videos offer a valuable collection of moves displaying a brand of salsa not common on the modern dance floor. Thank you for all the work you put into bringing Cuban-style salsa to our corner of the world.  If there were awards for the best videos on the net I would vote these second to none. I sincerely encourage you  to continue the series and not end at video #5."

George Hutchings
from Toronto, CANADA:

"Living here in Toronto, the salsa scene is hot, but there is very little instruction on Cuban Casino.  The dancers in this video were exceptional.  It's so refreshing to come across advanced salsa instructional videos that truly are what they say they are ... Advanced! ...The way these steps were demonstrated were quite smooth and although complex at times, were easy to follow.  I am looking forward to continuing on to videos 4 and 5 so that I can better myself in this incredible style of salsa."

Francisco Pinto from Paris, FRANCE:

"The tapes are a lot of fun to watch because the music is great and so are the dancers too (the first tapes you made were a little harder to watch because only one song was used for the whole tape. It was really a great idea to use several songs for the new set of tapes). You can really spice up your salsa by watching them dancing! I also appreciate the fact that some dancers were dancing on 2 since in France there is a great controversy about dancing on 1 or 2 (LA or New York style). So you can also dance salsa casino on 2 like the son."

Constantino Javier Palop
from Valencia, SPAIN:

"Te escribo para decirte que ya he visto los nuevos videos de salsa cubana y me han gustado mucho.

Los videos #3 y #4 son estupendos, los bailarines muy buenos y los movimientos y figuras son espectaculares y muy originales.

El video #5 es fantástico. Sobre todo, me encantan las demostraciones de un hombre bailando con dos o mas mujeres y las explicaciones de los movimientos. Tambien me ha gustado mucho la parte dedicada a rueda de casino, los movimientos son muy divertidos, la coordinacion es estupenda y hay muchas figuras muy bonitas e impactantes, también las explicaciones a camara lenta son de gran ayuda para aprender las figuras.

Gracias por todo este maravilloso trabajo Eric.  Espero que en un futuro no muy lejano podamos seguir disfrutando de nuevos videos de esta serie. Salsaludos"

Ramiro Agundez
from Zaragoza, SPAIN:

"Te escribo para agradecerte el trabajo que estas realizando por el bien de la salsa, y para expresar mi total satisfacción por esta nueva serie de videos, cuyos excelentes movimientos han pasado ya, a formar parte de mi repertorio.

Espero que continues con este trabajo y que podamos disfrutar con mas videos tuyos proximamente, tanto de casino como de tu estilo propio que yo llamo 'fusión'."

Ed Bidinotto from Boulder, CO:

"Eric - you've done it again and I am totally addicted to your new videos!!

Your new Salsa a la Cubana videos are top notch. You always manage to come up with new and exciting material. Videos 3 and 4 are a combination of advanced cuban moves that are easily learned. The quality and presentation of these videos are excellent for learning. The moves are repeated several times and I can slow them down while I'm watching and dancing.

Video # 4 is superb and I just can't get enough of it. The second set of dancers Augustin and Yalenis are my favorites.. The body movement, the complex nature of moves and how you have broken them all down are exactly what I was looking for. Yoannis & Madeleine at the end of the video blend in a totally different style. I cannot believe the footwork that Yoannis does in this video.

The Multiple Partner Dancing and Rueda de Casino #5 video in your series has some of the most incredible dancers I've ever seen. No other video on the market can come close to what you have captured on this tape. These dancers show what is possible and how to really have fun when you dance casino or in groups with 2 - 3- or 4 other partners. Anyone who is serious about casino dancing or learning to dance with multiple partners needs to add this to their collection.

I now have your entire tape series from Hot Moves, Cool Moves Revealed, the Original Salsa a la Cubana Series, your video notebooks and now you latest Salsa a la Cubana 3-4-5 tapes. I have watched these tapes over and over and I have plenty of new material and combinations. Seeing your latest videos has energized my wife and I to take our dancing to a new level. I am already receiving compliments on the dance floor by incorporating some of the new moves in my own routines.

Thanks again Eric - You have truly captured the spirit of cuban dancing. The instruction and demos in your entire video collection are all quality products. "Two thumbs up! This is your best series of videos yet!"

"One comment though. I noticed a few of the dancers chewing gum while they were dancing. You may want to have them not do this. That is my only comment to improve the quality of the videos.

Don Deboer from Minneapolis, MN:

"I just viewed video #5 last night and I was truly inspired by what I saw. Watching these dancers always puts a smile on my face. It is great to witness such passion and dexterity. I have to say that my favorite demo was #4 with Norberto, Yalenis, & Zuly. I also love that song 'Quien Manda" by Lázaro Rosabal y su Banda Tropical. I really like the way the women use their arms. I also enjoyed demo #8 and I really liked Yanek's 'Caido' (fall).

It was interesting to see their version of rueda de casino. I know most the moves taught by Salsalovers in Miami very well. It is true that there are different moves with the same name and different names for the same moves from rueda to rueda. Their sombrero was completely different (more like 'La cadena' (chain) and I notice the 'Setentas' have a few slight variations or additions (as compared to Salsalovers). So I suppose there really is a difference between Miami and Cuba when it comes to some of the moves. My favorites rueda moves were: 'Tumba francesa', 'Dame dos con giro', 'Arcoiris', 'Jardín', 'Mambo', 'Mambo mix', 'Las fotos', 'Engánchate', and I got a laugh out of 'Enchufla como Frankenstein/Dracula.' I also like the way the titles of the moves flash on the screen as the demos are taking place.

Once again thanks for another well produced video.

Nir Graf from Tel Aviv, ISRAEL:

"I just wanted to tell you that I got the video (# 4) today and I opened it right away. I'm amazed with the new variations I saw.  This one of the greatest videos I've seen in salsa (I've seen a lot of videos) and I will order the others  soon. Thank you Eric, and keep on making these wonderful videos."

Roman Virdi from Zurich, SWITZERLAND:

"I'd just like to say a *big thank you* for putting out those 3 new Cuban Salsa Videos. I'd ordered them in December the same day I got your mail but have only now gotten around to check them out. Wow, they're great! These Cubans never cease to amaze me! Video #5 has some hilarious footage, he, he. The video technicals and the pace are perfect. Guess I have enough material to keep me busy for the next few months..."

Cristi Grigorescu
from Bucharest, ROMANIA:

"I've just bought these videos (all six Cuban videos at one time). I didn't have enough time to watch them in detail and I'm not an instructor (as those some of those guys who send you feedback are), but I can tell that this new series is better than the first one. As I read the reviews, some guys are excited of new moves. I have an instructor who has taught for two years in London and he knows a lot of moves that I didn't see on these videos. What I am really excited about is their amazing style. When you look on these videos, you can see that those people ARE FEELING THE MUSIC. Each one feels it in their own way, so they are creating their own style. What I saw here in Romania (latin country, by the way :)) and also on the net, is the same standard style. For those who love dancing and music, these videos are a treasure. Really. Keep going, you're doing a great job."

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