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Eric "El Cubanito" Freeman is one of the most well-recognized salsa instructors in the world. He has taught salsa dancing in 20 countries throughout Europe and Latin America, and has been producing salsa instructional videos for over a decade. All of Eric's previous videos have focused on teaching advanced moves, tricks, and concepts to people who already have significant exposure to salsa dancing. Eric's advanced videos have sold over 20,000 copies in over 75 countries, and have helped make him one of the best-known and respected salsa dance video producers in the world.

But over all these years, Eric had never previously made a beginning-level salsa dance instructional video. Finally, in 2009, Eric integrated all of his teaching and video production experience into his most ambitious project to date ...

"Salsa from the Start"

As with all pursuits, the fundamentals are critical to becoming a great salsa dancer. The habits people develop as beginners usually determine how fast - and how effectively - they are able to develop into intermediate and advanced dancers. This 3-volume series is no ordinary salsa instructional video - it was designed not just to showcase moves, turns, and patterns, but to help beginners quickly progress into more advanced dancers.

"Salsa from the Start" provides a comprehensive 6-hour introduction to the world of salsa. Filled with all of the key fundamentals, this DVD video series offers an entire dance course, carefully crafted to incorporate Eric's years of teaching experience and expertise.

Beginners face many pitfalls and stumbling blocks when first learning salsa. After teaching for so long, and in so many different places, Eric has seen it all. And he has included all of the most important lessons and pointers in these videos. As a result, you will acquire a solid foundation of dance skills, which will not only get you to start dancing with confidence... it will also enable you to develop into an advanced salsa dancer much faster and easier.

In Volume I, you will learn all of the key fundamentals of dancing salsa. We start from the very beginning, explaining the music, the count, and how to move your feet:

Then, we show you some specific steps, and get you to start doing what's known as the "Mambo Basic", the forward and back step you see everybody doing in the clubs. You will learn to dance this Mambo Basic with a partner in both open and closed position:

Then we get into basic turns... Right turns and left turns, for both the man and the woman:

Next, we learn the all-important "Cross Body Lead":

Finally, we finish Volume I with some cool "Head Combs", and get into a few other topics:

Throughout Volume I, we carefully increase the level of complexity with different move combinations. We start with the simplest possible combination, and by the end of the video we will have you doing an impressive routine!

However, we don't just break-down moves and steps. Instead, we take the time to explain the basic concepts behind the steps - so that you not only can repeat the move, but really understand the mechanics and timing behind what is going on. Rather than just memorizing a pattern, you will also acquire the fundamental concepts that enable you to create your own patterns. And this, of course, is the key to eventually developing mastery.

Once you have learned all of the material presented in Volume I, you will be more than ready to go out to Latin nightclubs, parties, socials, or anywhere else you will find Latin dancing.

In Volume II, we will delve into standard intermediate level material - specifically, the Cross-Body Lead with inside and outside turns, the "Sweetheart," and the famous "Copa" move.

For each category of move, we will show you numerous variations. These variations, in turn, will be incorporated into more complex combinations and exercises throughout the video.

Again, we don't just "show the moves." For each move, we provide a detailed break-down of both the man's and woman's footwork, along with a clear explanation of how to lead and follow. More importantly, we explain the concepts behind the moves, which will enable you to integrate them into your own repertoire, and then build on them yourself. By the time you are done with Volume II, you will have a large repertoire of moves and an in-depth understanding of how to dance salsa.

In the last volume, Volume III, we actually take a few steps "back" to focus on some of the most important fundamental aspects of salsa dancing. First, we take a full 50 minutes to carefully explain and demonstrate the critical skill of Latin "Contra-Body Motion." We break-down this motion in great detail - in a way that anybody can learn - by focusing independently on moving the hips, arms, and chest. We then explain how to put it all together into "Latin Motion":

Contra-Body Motion (also known as "Latin Motion") is the
movement that you normally see Latinos doing. It's bascially what
makes you look like you're Latin dancing and not looking like a "Gringo."

We then take nearly an hour to teach the many aspects of Leading and Following Technique, which will help you master the all-important skill of partner dancing.

Understanding arm tone -- how to lead and be led around the dance floor
is what makes you be able to effortlessly and smoothly execute the moves.

Please keep in mind that Volume III is not just for beginners. Instead, it's for anyone who is looking to more fully master the fundamentals of salsa dancing. These techniques can be useful for salsa dancers of almost any level.

After mastering the content of Volume III, you will progress from being a person who simply does moves... into a true salsa dancer who can fully enjoy the music, one's partner and the moment.

Some Highlights

Here are a few reasons why "Salsa from the Start" is the best beginners' learning tool on the market:

These DVDs are the perfect resource to help you thoroughly learn all the fundamentals of salsa dancing. They will give you more confidence and help you have more fun on the dance floor... guaranteed! Your new skills and deeper understanding will then, over time, help you find new partners, make new friends, and develop your interest in salsa dancing into a new life-long passion!

Here is a summary of exactly what the three DVDs contain:

"Salsa from the Start, Volume I: Learning All The Basics"

"Salsa from the Start, Volume II: The Standard Moves - Learning to put it all together on the dance floor"

"Salsa from the Start, Volume III: Techniques and Exercises to make you a solid dancer for life"

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