The World's Best Salsa Leads: Multi Style Salsa - How to Lead and Follow Different Styles from all over the World
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The World's First 'Salsa du Monde' Instructional Video

Salsaville's latest DVD offers an instructional "Grande Tour" of the world's four dominant styles of salsa dancing.

Made mostly for people who are already comfortable dancing some salsa, this video will enable you to walk into any salsa club, anywhere in the world, with the confidence that you will not only survive, but even have a great time.

Did you know that salsa has become the most ubiquitous and international social dance in the world? You can now travel to just about any medium-sized city, anywhere on the globe, and find a salsa club! But dancers beware: salsa is not danced exactly the same everywhere you go!

This three-hour instructional DVD was designed for those who want to know it all. It takes you on a 'Grande Tour du Monde' of all of the four major styles of salsa dancing: New York, Los Angeles, Cumbia, and Cuban (a.k.a. "Casino"). Internationally recognized salsa masters Eric Freeman and Edie, The Salsa FREAK!! will not only teach you how to immediately recognize and distinguish these four styles, they will also teach you how to become a complete salsa dancer, so that you can adapt your style to suit that of your environment – wherever in the world you happen to be.

It all starts with the rhythm. Have you ever wondered what it means to dance salsa "on 1" or "on 2"? Did you know that there are two distinct ways of dancing "on 2"? And did you realize that you can also dance salsa "on 3"? Eric and Edie will explain all of this.

The video then teaches you how to dance each of the four styles. For leaders – how to modify your timing, mechanics, and move repertoire accordingly. For followers – how to develop the flexibility to dance with any good lead and thus greatly improve the chance of being asked for that second dance.

As an added bonus, the last hour of this DVD features a series of informative open discussions, in which salsa masters Eric and Edie debate some of the most controversial aspects of the 50-year development of the salsa dance "sub-culture." They pull no punches as they eat and laugh their way through an impromptu exchange of thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

Highlights of this DVD:

Learn all four major styles of salsa dancing with world-renowned
salsa instructors Eric Freeman and Edie, The Salsa FREAK ...

Learn to dance on any beat of the music, so you'll be prepared to dance with anyone, anywhere ...

Watch a spontaneous, advanced-level Cuban-style dance demo with
Eric "El Cubanito" Freeman and special guest – Havana-born Yanieri Martinez Lopez.

Yanieri is reachable via:
email: yanieri (at)

Join Eric and Edie for an extra full-hour as they discuss and debate controversial topics of the salsa dance "sub-culture."
They touch on a variety of topics – everything from why people dance "on 3" to how people use salsa as a tool of seduction ...

Summary of what the DVD contains:

Instructor bios:

Eric "El Cubanito" Freeman has been making and selling salsa instructional videos for over 10 years. He started out by creating advanced-moves videos for people who already had significant salsa exposure and simply wanted to learn many fancy moves, concepts and tricks. Since then, his videos have sold more than 20,000 copies in over 75 countries and he is one of the most well-known and respected salsa video producers in the world. In addition, he has taught in 20 countries throughout Europe and Latin America, and has taught at the Puerto Rican Salsa Congress.

Eric is a master at incorporating all of the major salsa styles New York, LA, Cumbia, and Cuban. He specializes in teaching students how to integrate different styles of salsa into their dance repertoire. His unique moves and patterns are always leadable, followable, and totally usable for dancing salsa anytime and anywhere.

Edie, The Salsa FREAK!! is one of the most sought after instructor/performers in the world. She has traveled to over 60 countries teaching the world to dance, and has been the first American to teach in 18 of those countries. She is currently on world tour, taking the world by storm with her powerful dance style, precision, and amazing speed. Click here to visit her website.

Edie was recently awarded the International Lifetime Achievement Award at the International Salsa Congress in England and voted by her peers and students, Best International Instructor at the Los Angeles Congress, British International Salsa Fesival (two years running), and Switzerland Congress in Zurich. She was the Guest of Honor at the Curacao Salsa Festival and the First Annual Swiss Congress. She has taken first place in numerous dance competitions, notably the famous Mayan competition out of Los Angeles, California, and the International Salsa and Hustle Pro Salsa Championship in Miami, Florida.

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