The Story

was developed by Eric ďEl CubanitoĒ Freeman, a professional salsa dancer, instructor, and choreographer. In the world of dance, Eric is globally recognized for managing, an independent website dedicated to salsa dancing and tropical Latin American culture. Through his website, he offers a variety of salsa dancing instructional and demonstrational videos which have been sold in over 75 countries worldwide. If youíre really into salsa dancing, chances are you know of Ericís videos.

What you may not know is that Eric personally films, edits, and produces the videos he sells. As such, he is somewhat of a "guru" when it comes to creating and working with digital video.

But Eric's first experience with dance videos wasn't making them, it was watching them. Because he lives far away from a major salsa mecca, he has had to travel in order to find new styles and forms of salsa dancing. And wherever he travels, his video camera comes along with him. As a result, Eric has compiled one of the largest libraries of salsa dance video in the world.

While studying all of this dance footage in an effort to improve his dancing, Eric went from media player to media player trying to find certain features that could facilitate the process of video analysis. Such features include the ability to advance and rewind playback by a given number of frames or seconds, the ability to define playback loops and bookmarks, and an easy-to-use interface that enables playback to be controlled via the keyboard.

But Eric never found a player that offered such features. This is because conventional media players just arenít designed with video analysis in mind. Obviously, their product designers didn't take into consideration that some people might actually want to do more than just watch their video footage straight through!

But we do. Eric Freeman, a former computer programmer turned professional salsa dancer, has come full circle. Tired of waiting for someone else to produce a program capable of precise video analysis, he took the initiative to develop his own media player!

The result is Ericís "dream tool," , designed specifically to help people get the most out of their digital video collections.