: the Ultimate Learning Tool for Dancers!

What Can Do for Dancers

It doesn't matter what kind of dance you do, how much dance experience you have, or what aspect of your dancing you hope to improve. is a tool for studying, learning, and practicing the art of dance. And it can help take your dancing to the next level! Here's what we mean by this:

Video is probably the most effective medium for studying dance. As such, most dancers practice routines, patterns, footwork, technique, styling, choreography, and other important aspects of dance using video. Many dancers of all levels and abilities maintain a dance video collection. Typically, these collections contain both instructional and demonstrational videos. Many dancers also collect footage from dance workshops, congresses, and conventions, or film themselves and others rehearsing and/or choreographing a routine.

Given the importance of video as a tool for learning dance, can help you improve your dancing in two major ways:

So, how does all this technical stuff help you improve your dancing?

Simple. By giving you fast, powerful, and convenient video playback controls, as well as the ability to catalog your entire dance video collection, will make dance practice easier, more fun, and more effective than you ever thought possible!

Can I Try Before Buying It?


Yes! We think that you will be shocked at how easy, fast, and effective is for analyzing and organizing dance video. Once you get used to its features, you'll never want to go back to viewing dance videos using another media technology.

Downloading will give you a free, fully functional 10-day trial version. (After that, you will be able to continue exploring the many uses of , but only with our supplied sample video and audio file.)