The Advantage

When it comes to analyzing video, no other media player even comes close. . .

Over the past 15 years, advances in both hardware and software have enabled the PC to dominate all kinds of consumer activities. Today for example, we use PCs to manage everything from communications to taxes. Amazingly however, no computer media player has capitalized on the potential of PCs to really help you analyze digital video.

Not that is, until now. Unlike "conventional" media players such as Windows Media Player and QuickTime, is loaded with specialized viewing features designed specifically for dancers and other people who need to carefully analyze digital video. While many players offer innovative ways to sell you media, as well as cool-looking skins and other cosmetic features, is the only tool that offers better-than-DVD playback capabilities, as well as built-in bookmarking features that can really help you study and catalog your video.

To put it simply, when you see what can do for video analysis and cataloging, you'll probably abandon your VCR, DVD player, or favorite computer media player in favor of a new option that is much more convenient, powerful, and easier to use!

Here are some specific features that set apart from other media players:

So what does all this mean to you? Well if you are a dancer, sports coach, film producer, musician, or anyone else who uses video for learning, teaching, or any other important activity, you'll really appreciate having a tool that allows you to do more than just watch a video straight through.

For example, how much time have you wasted rewinding a VHS tape or a DVD over and over again to view an important clip? Or if you already watch video on your computer, have you ever been frustrated by the mediocre and inconvenient playback controls included in programs such as Windows Media Player or QuickTime?

Have you ever wished that you could:


Define and then play back a simple loop from within a long video clip?


Immediately reference and play specific scenes from your video collection without the use of a confusing digital video editing program?


Easily access all your playback controls, without having to dig through a maze of toolbars and pull-down menus?

If your answer to any of these questions is "yes", then will be your savior.

But even if you haven't noticed the shortcomings of conventional media players, chances are will astonish you with features you never knew were possible.