Private Dance Instruction

Our regular price is $90 for one hour for one person or one couple.

Package prices (for one person or one couple):

Call or email for prices for private classes (more than one couple) or any other special arrangement.

For women taking private lessons, I normally dance with you the whole time and constantly provide you with feedback.

For men taking private lessons, there are four choices:

  1. You and I dance. Some men are fine with this, others are not. Sometimes this is good, as I can give you direct feedback on your leading skills.
  2. Bring a partner to dance with. However, if you want the lesson to focus on your dancing, then this partner should be at least your level or higher so that you can progress as quickly as possible.
  3. I supply you with an excellent dance partner for the lesson. This will be one of my paid assistants. This way, we can focus exclusively on your dancing skills and you can get feedback from both of us. There is an extra charge of $10-$15 per hour for this.
  4. We have a couple of excellent female instructors who you could simply take private lessons with directly.

For couples taking private lessons, the two of you normally dance with each other, and I provide each of you with feedback. I occassionally dance with the woman (and perhaps occassionally the man as well) to help demonstrate and/or fix whatever we are working on.

Private lessons are recommended for:

To order private lessons, click on the appropriate "Buy Now" button below.
Lessons can also be paid for by cash, check, or credit card swipe in person.
Email me to schedule these lessons.

One Person or One Couple
One-hour private lesson
(1 hour of private lessons
@ $90 per hour)
Three lesson package
(3 hours of private lessons
@ $85 per hour)
Five lesson package
(5 hours of private lessons
@ $80 per hour)
Ten lesson package
(10 hours of private lessons
@ $75 per hour)

Eric "El Cubanito" Freeman is an internationally known salsa instructor and video producer.
His renowned instructional videos have sold over 20,000 copies in 75 countries.
Eric has taught salsa throughout Europe, Latin America and at the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress.
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