"Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict"
DVD Video Series
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Volumes:  III and IV

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The next set of the extremely popular
"Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict"
DVD video series is now available.

The sequel to the "Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict, Volumes I & II" is ready!

These new videos represent my most carefully produced project to date. Filmed with dance partner Shallon Coleman, we bring you moves from several different styles of salsa dancing.

The videos contain a mix and sometimes a fusion of moves from New York, Los Angeles, Cumbia and Cuban styles.  Volume I contains about 25% Cuban moves and Volume II contains about 15% Cuban moves.

In these videos there is an emphasis on twists, dips, drops and other tricks. However, as always, all of these moves are leadable and followable and are appropriate for use on the social dance floor. There are also several cross-body lead moves, multiple spin moves, and several moves using a new & fun concept -- "Sit Down" moves, which are also completely leadable.

Each move is shown twice, from different camera angles, dancing to up-tempo salsa music.  Then, each move is broken down by verbally counting, "1,2,3,.,5,6,7."  For some moves, we go further and explain a few key points about the move (how to lead it, footwork, etc.)  The routines are danced once to the music, and then broken down by counting in the same fashion.

All of the dance steps shown are leadable and followable - NOTHING is choreographed. This means, that once you and your partner are familiar with the moves, they can be led without any notice other than a good lead.

At the end of this video there are a series of demonstrations of impromptu salsa dancing.  Nothing is choreographed.  Some of the moves taught in the video are danced, plus numerous others we did spontaneously.  By carefully watching these demos, you can learn more moves, and even pick up some style.

Here is a summary of exactly what the two new videos contain:

"Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict, Volume III":

"Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict, Volume IV":

Some photos from the videos:


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