General comments about Salsaville's DVDs

 Neal Watson from Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND:
(the person who maintains the complete list of all salsa videos)

"Your DVD's are the best produced Salsa instructional DVD's I have seen. Well done."

"The dvd's are the best produced. Full menu/chapters."

Evans Musomi from Nairobi, KENYA:

"Hi Eric,

I got the DVDs all in good condition. I must say watching them made me feel like I was falling in love with salsa all over again! Thanks a lot for making such valuable instruction available! The reason I think you are my number one salsero model has been re-affirmed by the DVDs.

SFTS was totally amazing. Even I had something to learn about from the very first DVD. You clarified quite a number of best-practices which make lots of sense and that I've never seen any instructor in Nairobi teaching. Kudos on this one. I've never seen salsa been taught in such a simple way - even from the viewpoint of a salsero.

HMSA was the peak in my opinion...especially vol 3 and 4. The moves are so interesting and fun. Plus you and Shallon did a great job at explaining all the moves that needed elaboration - even the ones I thought "OK, you can't possibly explain this in a simple way!" Some of my principles for an ideal salsa dance is that is should reflect musicality, be fun and look fun.

I saw lots of this in this and all other series. Some of the moves like move #31 in HMSA-3 really cracked me up...and the one of 'ditching' someone you would not like to dance with. Your gestures during the dances and some of the comments you made while teaching were humorous. That's a great plus. I still think you came out as the smoothest dancer I've seen...especially for the fast demos in HMSA-3 and 4.

SALC in my view has enough casino for learning cuban style and adding lots of flare even to other styles of dancing. Haven't watched all of it but all the demos I've seen are amazing. I must say, I've never seen anything like it's almost like what happens the first time a salsa fan watches a clip from the Mayan competition or World salsa championships. You're left with amazement and a stronger liking for the Cuban style. I was really impressed with some of the casino rueda moves in volume 5 and various demos I watched that had a fusion of cuban son dancing and other cuban dances like one clip by Yoannis in SALC-4.

Now that I have all these resources, I think the universe is just ensuring I have no excuse not to be a great salsero. I dont see any other option apart from being exactly that - a great salsero. I could say that I'm learning from the best. Salsa became a hobby for me and somewhere along the way it graduated into a passion...and a really strong one! So far it has just kept getting better.

My mission statement for the last 2 years has been to promote salsa everywhere I go through videos (from youtube) and education (teaching). Yeah and making it a goal to dance salsa with everyone who wants to dance.

Regards and Kudos to you and Salsaville for being a great inspiration!


Gregory Fam from SINGAPORE:

"I received the DVDs today, and I must congratulate you. They have a very professional look about them, and the menu system for navigation is excellent.

Things that are great:

- The navigation system is easy to use, and you've included subheadings making it easy to have an idea what's where, rather than just a whole array of numbers to be picked at random. With the DVD I find myself repeating the trompo again and again!

- You added extras. So that not only do we get the entire video, we get a sampling of the songs that you use in the video as well, and a preview to boot! It's obvious that a lot more thought went into this than simply copying the video version onto a DVD-ROM, which in itself would have been worth the purchase anyway. Excellent!

- Very high resolution. Whereas most DVDs lose a little resolution depending on the size of the screen, I maximise my Hot Moves DVDs to fill up my 17" screen and it plays very clearly too.

- Region free. Needless to say, this is incredible. I don't have DVD Region Free installed, so having your DVD region-free meant that I could watch ad infinitum and not worry about having it cut off.

All in all, an incredible effort. The only thing I might add is that for future DVDs, you might like to add a little about yourself. I'm sure lots of people would like some background information on their instructors, and you might add some really interesting tidbits about your visits to Cuba and how you became as good as you are, etc."

Andy Moore (Salsa UK instructor) from London, UK:

"From Denver, Colorado, Eric Freeman brings some great salsa moves from different salsa styles.  All of Eric's videos are brillant. His 'Cool Moves' series brings at least 60 moves for the improver to advanced dancer which can eaily be applied on the dance floor over time and practice."

Each video is reviewed separately on his web page at:

If this link isn't working, here is a copy locally:


Don DeBoer <>:

"When I see the work you've done with salsa I can only reflect back on my own experience.  I am a full time doctoral student of counseling psychology and will receive my PhD in a couple years.  Salsa has been my passion for the past 3 years and it has been so much of a passion I have considered turning it into a profession of sorts (I already make extra money by teaching dance).  I think of all the things salsa gave me...lots of friends, lots of good times, and great physical fitness. When I look at your work I feel you are an inspiration and I imagine you understand what great gifts salsa can bring.  I can't believe how much one simple hobby has impacted and improved my life.  I feel like it was a gift waiting all these years to be discovered.  I have even considered going into dance therapy.  Anyway just wanted to share my enthusiasm with you and I plan on purchasing your tapes soon.  They look absolutely fantastic!"

Ralph Donkin from Stanley, UK:

"Many thanks for videos they arrived on the Wednesday 2 days after posting. I must congratulate you on your service -- it is the best.

I now have Vols. 1-4 of "Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict", "Cool Moves Revealed", and "Salsa a la Cubana Vols. 1-5" from yourself and cannot tell you how much I appreciate how wonderful they are. "Cool Moves Revealed" is a good video but the series "Hot Moves for the Salsa Addcit" is just great. The moves are very nice to do and to watch, the explanations are fantastic and easy to follow. The partners I have tried some of the moves on have all commented how good and unusual the moves are. I think the secret is to pick the moves you like to do and concentrate on each to perfect them one by one, there are so many I do not believe I will ever get round to perfecting them all, life will not be that long. The Cubana videos are also excellent, some of my dance friends are Latin and Caribbean and only dance "Cuban style" and I have just started some of Vol. 1 steps and it is a nice change to introduce this style into my dancing knowing that what I am doing is genuine, in time and with lots of practice I think this series will teach me everything I need to know about "Cuban style" moves and steps."

Bob Rousseau <>:
"Thanks for the announcement about the new videos. I don't even need to look at the clips. I ordered the new tapes."
"Thanks for the email regarding your new salsa videos. I can't wait to get them. your first video was great and added to my dancing tremendously."

Alfonso Soteno <>:
"Also wanted to thank you for the great videos you are putting out, I've learned a lot from Cool Moves and your Cuban salsa video, keep up the good work."

Yoichiro Shirasaka <>:
"All those videos that I had bought were so great!! Thank you very much for your great job!!"

Raul Montoya <>:
"I want to congratulate you for your great instructional videos.  My brother,  Pedro and I are trying to learn how to dance salsa, and watching your videos has made all the difference, so I wanted to thank you for that."

Frank Ennis <>:
"Over the past couple of years I have purchased all of your salsa videos, both your own and the one you did with Edie.  I feel safe in saying that they are some of the best dance instructional tapes I have viewed."

Alex <>:
"I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible all six of the videos are.  I admire all the work you have done to make these moves available to us, salsa addicts. We need these videos like oxygen, to enrich our salsa tools for self-expression.  Your videos are priceless, I feel that I really underpaid for all these.
If you produce any new videos or you are aware of anything new and cool in salsa world, please drop me e-mail, I will buy it without looking."
Just bought one of the videos off your Web page - I own now 7 of yours and are all incredible!!!!"

Jose Puerto <>:
"He recibido los videos. Son un material estupendo, con alto contenido formativo, bien organizados y estupendamente explicados. Es una pena que otros no alcancen vuestro nivel.
Cada vez que visiono tus videos me parecen mas interesantes. Gran cantidad de información, y tu estilo de baile es muy hermoso. Gracias por haberlos publicado."

Frank Thumhart <>:
"Cool Moves 2 is the best instructional video I've found to date. I'm ordering your two new tapes and looking forward to impressing and surprising the heck out of my dance associates. Sharing your experience with us is appreciated. Thanks and keep the moves coming ..."

Christian John Garcia Co <>:
"My name is C.J. Garcia Co and I'm proud to say that I'm a "Salsa Addict" just like you.  I've also been a long time customer of yours.  I first saw you dance with Edie Lewis in "Cool Moves Vol. 1", and I have since then obtained  "Cool Moves Vol.2", your three Cuban Style series, and your latest "Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict" videos.

I would like to congratulate you on all your videos.  The quality of the tapes are worth every penny.  The moves are easy enough to follow because of your mathematical breakdown and the descriptions you have available on the web.

I'm truly thankful that you have made such valuable resources available."

Roy Crisostomo <>:
"Hope you come up with other videos, You and Josie Neglia's videos have got the most useful instructional videos and I'm not trying to kiss ass here :=)"

Marco Manny Rivera <>:
"I've received my video.  And I've seen it and I just want to congratulate you for the wonderful work you done on that video..  Cool Moves and all...Keep on doing more of those ..  Your dance style is cool and good timing and all.. You are an inspiracion source..  Even if I am a latino I can say that you are an source of inspiration to me..  Nice work you've done .. and I will enjoy learning all these cool moves..  Thanks for the video."

Bill Downey <>:
"I very much enjoyed the set of three Cuban videos I got from you some time ago - very much the best dance instruction videos I have seen."

PJ Vanpool <>:
"Can scarcely express my gratitude for all you've done for the world of salsa.  I myself am a Ph.D. candidate down here in Texas and have used a lot of my spare (?) time to develop as a salsero.  Now I teach it."

Ben Tang <>:
"I ordered your entire series last year and I have found them to be enormous benefit.  I love to see you coming up with more new moves and videos."

Joachim Brueckner <>:
"Many thanks for your excellent series of tapes - your turns are  cropping up at all the salsa venues in Sydney."

John Jones <>:
"I own four of your Cuban videos and they are by far the most watched of all my Salsa videos. The dancing in them is the most engaging I've seen: the turn-patterns are highly individual and the dancers are some of the most skilled I've seen in this style. Make sure you keep me posted on any future Cuban style videos that you release. Many thanks."

Lou Vitkov <>:
"For those of you who think that New York style or any other style for that matter is more complicated, intricate or complex, please visit this site: Eric Freeman, who many of you probably know for his ‘Cool Moves’ video series, has compiled a set of six‘Salsa a la Cubana’ video tapes produced straight from the source. Through my searches of alternative style to what is widely offered world-wide as L.A. / New York style salsa, this is the only place I have been able to find video material which reproduces the true, fascinating nature of Cuban style dancing. Eric has even "translated" the moves  to the North-American count of 1,2,3…5,6,7.

I recommend to every salsa lover to order these tapes, analyze and start using them. It will bring some new elements in our North-American eloquent

Ken Taylor from Nagoya, JAPAN:

"First, I want to say "Thank you!" the DVD's are "Numero Uno!". I don't have a Japanese DVD player. I'm using them on my little Mac iBook that I bought in America. However, I also used one of my Japanese co-worker's Sony Vaio computer for viewing the Salsa DVD's. Worked great! Soo well done. For me, it's the best format. I notice I spend more time viewing the DVD format than my other VIDEO formats. Please let me know when you have converted your whole library to DVD. It's the way to learn Salsa. So convenient. I can take my little iBook to the park and dance with my girl friend under the Cherry Blossom trees while drinking Sake. And that's just #3 of 101 ways to use your Salsa Addict DVD:)"