Salsaville Colombia Trip Testimonials

Please read the testimonials below from the members of Salsaville's first trip to Colombia. Their heartfelt words explain much better than I can why this trip is such a memorable experience:

Testimonials from Salsaville's 1st Music & Dance, Culture & Nature trip to Colombia - August 2022

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From members of Salsaville's 1st Group trip to Medellín, Jardín, Guatapé, and Cali, Colombia, August 2022
From Tatiana Klimov (

I would like to thank you Eric Freeman for an amazing lifetime experience learning about a new salsa style, culture, food, flora and fauna of Colombia.

Based on Eric’s experience as a dance teacher and world traveler he provided safe and fun environment for us being totally immersed into learning this new salsa style with world class instructors, introducing us to Colombian culture, great culinarily experiences, fun local trips at each of four locations and unforgettable nights at various famous salsa dancing clubs.

I personally traveled with Eric to Cuba and Colombia and would highly recommend for anyone to have these amazing and safe experiences.

From Andrew Frank (

Eric's trips are as immersive an experience into another culture as you can get from a 2+ week vacation! The dance classes and the music scene of course are a great way to engage, but also the sightseeing, traveling to different cities/towns and all sorts of other activities are just the perfect mix for a quite high-paced but ultimately unforgettable journey. I found interacting with the instructors, dance partners and other local contacts Eric has especially rewarding because it provides a safe and very friendly way to gain immediate access to everyday locals' lives who are usually very forthcoming in sharing their culture and welcoming visitors with open arms.

Amazing, amazing, amazing, worth every penny and a lot more!!!

From Greg Slopey (

5 Star Salsa Trip that gives you immediate immersion into the culture, and dance of Colombia. Eric’s extensive experience and local network of friends and contacts provides you with a personalized experience -- unique in this world of cattle car travel options. You are immediately involved with the culture, nature and dance from Day 1. If you want to maximize your experience, and have a trip that is flexible, I highly recommend Eric’s trip to Colombia!

From Cheri Rubin ( ):

Once again, Eric has provided a group of traveling Salseros with a fabulous experience! This time it was to Colombia; two cities and two towns. He booked our flights and hotels and filled the days and evenings with dance classes, hiking, sightseeing and of course, club dancing. I always felt safe with him, and never felt any pressure, only encouragement, to join in any particular activity (sometimes one just needs a break). He knows some very nice hotels and restaurants, but often left the choice of where we ate up to the group. It's very inexpensive to dine here, about a third of what it costs in the U.S. An amazing highly recommended adventure!

From Julie Lange (

This trip was just so amazing. This is not brochure travel. This is independent, getting into the culture, the local people, just being immersed in Colombia. It doesn't get any better than this. You're not going there just as a tourist, but you're a part of the people who live there. And that, to me, is the essence of travel.

You delivered 110% on this trip -- it was not only everything that I could have ever imagined, but it was actually better. And I liked that we were not on an absolute schedule, but that there was freedom to explore. Something comes up, we kind of change direction, and something cooler happens than would have been if we were on a schedule. That, for me, is living the life.

I loved every single one of the dance venues we went out to. And the music was beyond my expectations. All kinds of songs I've never heard before, and I've listened to a lot of songs. The salsa music in Cali isn’t heard anywhere else, it’s something you have to experience.

All of the salsa classes on the trip were amazing and unique! Ricardo was the bomb. He was, by far, the best instructor. He taught us how to have good connection, to understand how to feel the lead, and that's what makes you get asked to dance more often.

And finally, I especially appreciate your travel experience. When things went slightly sideways, because that’s what happens on trips, you manage to stay calm, assess the situation and come up with an alternative plan. That made the trip enjoyable and stress free for the group!

It was nice to just show up for the trip and let you lead the way. Thanks for taking care of each and everyone of us. I sincerely mean that.

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Eric "El Cubanito" Freeman
Owner, Salsaville Dance Studios