System Requirements

Operating System

To use , you must have a PC running Windows 98 or later. (98, ME, 2000, Windows XP) However, at this time, this program will not run properly on Vista or Windows 7.

Screen Resolution
To take advantage of all of 's features, you will need a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater. Almost all computer monitors can handle this screen resolution. If your screen resolution only goes to 800 x 600, you can still use , but you won't be able to view all of the player controls at one time.

For Mac users
It is now possible to run with the newer Macintosh computers!

There are a few options. The best is for those of you running an Intel based Mac (basically a Mac bought within the last year or so).

First, you install "Parallels Desktop for Mac":

# Mac OS X v10.4.6
# Intel Core Duo Mac including iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, MacBook and MacBook Pro

# Run Windows and other operating systems on your Mac simultaneously without the need to reboot.
# Unmatched ease of use. Set up with a simple wizard-driven interface.
# Effortlessly switch from Mac OS X to Windows.

Download Parallels desktop from here. The download version works free for 30 days, before having to purchase a license. You can purchase the software from any Apple store (or online at for $79.95.
Or, you can also go directly to Parallels, Inc.'s website to get more info about their product here.

Then, you have to intstall the Windows XP operating system itself. You can purchase Windows in almost any computer store, or on-line various places including here for $189.99.

Finally, you simply download and install RPS and run it within Parallels running on your Mac!

will work perfectly now. It's a litle costly, but there is a major added benefit -- your Mac will now run the complete version of the Windows XP operating system, and so you can also run any other Windows based software as well! In addition, you can drag-n-drop data right between Windows and your Mac OS X operating system. You don't need to reboot to switch operating systems. Parallels simply appears as a window (or windows) within your Mac OS X desktop!

There is also the option of installing Boot Camp. Boot Camp just turns your Mac into a PC by booting up the Windows XP operating system only. This is not as convenient as Parallels (and still requires buying a Windows XP license), but offers an advantage or two (it's a little faster). Check it out here.