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Video Cataloging Features

Amazing video playback features are just the beginning of what has to offer.  You also get an extensive “bookmarking” system, which allows you to catalog specific scenes within long video clips.

For example, let’s say you have a long video clip that contains several dance moves you want to learn. To relieve you of the need to just remember where in the video clip these moves are, includes a feature that allows you to “bookmark” the moves into a special catalog file. Then, when it’s time for dance practice, you can open and instantly play any bookmarked scene by just selecting it from a drop-down menu. Or, you can play and annotate your bookmarked scenes from within the catalog file itself.

Click an activity from the list below to see how can catalog your entire video collection (you'll probably need to scroll down to see the whole thing):

Create a bookmark

Powerful! -- Manage and play your bookmarks from the Video Cataloging Window

Play bookmarks from within the main video window

Update the start and/or end time of a bookmark

Play all bookmarks in sequence

Customize your catalog files using common word processors (such as Microsoft Word)

Customize your catalog files using common spreadsheet applications (such as Microsoft Excel)

Play bookmarks from customized, formatted catalog files


Awesome playback features and innovative built-in video cataloging capabilities--all in one package.  Hey, like we said: when it comes to analyzing your video collection, nothing beats !