Videos in the ReplayerStudio Format

What is ReplayerStudio (RPS)?

ReplayerStudio is a computer program specially designed for not just viewing your videos, but for when you actually want to learn from them. By using ReplayerStudio to view your dance videos you will have at your fingertips numerous features not found in other video players, VCR's or even DVD players. ReplayerStudio will enable you to learn much faster, thoroughly and easier.

A few of RPS's great features:

For more information about ReplayerStudio, please click here.

What is the "DVD-ROM/ReplayerStudio" format?

To view videos using ReplayerStudio you will need to have digitally enocoded video files on your computer. You can get these files from a variety of sources, including thousands of websites. However, to view your own videos on VHS tape or DVD discs, you will need to convert them yourself using a digital video capture product. For more information about this, please click here.

To help make life easier, we have converted some of Salsaville's videos into this format and have placed them on DVD-ROM discs. This DVD-ROM contains the entire video in an expectionally high quality image -- a better image than your will see when displaying a regular DVD on your computer screen. It is also guaranteed to work perfectly with all of RPS's Advanced Playback features.

What are some of the other advantages of this format?

In addition, each video comes with it's own Video Catalog file. This catalog file has each and every part of the video bookmarked. So at the press of a button, you can jump exactly to the spot you're interested in. No more fast forwarding or rewinding looking for a particular spot on the video. Not only is the beginning of each move bookmarked, but the beginning of each part of the move is bookmarked as well, allowing instant access to virtually any part of the video.

A sample of the included video catalog file:

Do I also need to purchase the ReplayerStudio program?

No! ReplayerStudio will work completely (and forever) with these videos with or without a registered version of ReplayerStudio. We hope that by getting used to using ReplayerStudio, you will come to agree with us that it is well worth your money to spend $70 to purchase the registered version. Then you will be able to use ReplayerStudio to help you more effectively learn dance moves when watching any digital video file.

How do I Order?

Note that each video in DVD-ROM format costs the same as a regular DVD. For DVD-ROM's, there are no region codes so these DVD-ROM's will work in any DVD-ROM drive in your computer anywhere in the world.

You can order the DVD-ROM by itself (first column below.) Or, if you like for just $15 more, you can own each video in both formats - the ReplayerStudio format for viewing on your computer, and the regular DVD format for viewing on your TV.

As a service to current owners of these videos, you can get this video on DVD-ROM format without having to pay full price. To order, please choose the last column, and then email me giving me your original Salsaville order number. If you don't have this information, then send me your name, the address that the original videos where sent to, and approximately when those videos were ordered.

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DVD Video
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Both formats
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Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict
Volume III
Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict
Volume IV

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