Music used in SALSAVILLE's DVD videos

Many people have written in asking about the music used in's videos.
Below is some information about the groups and if and where you can find the music.

Please note that at this time, we only have permission from the music artists to use their music on our instructional salsa videos. We have not been given permission for any other use of the music, such as making the songs available in MP3 format for download. This would be a violation of the artists' copyright. So please do not ask us to send you a copy of any of the songs. (We hope to get this permission from some of the artists in the near future.)

Group name: Oderquis Revé y su Changüí Mix
Song title: "Amigos"
Music used in: all videos so far (except for CM)

Oderquis Revé is the brother of the very famous Elio Revé. He played with Elio's group for many years, and then formed his own group.

They have released a CD called "Oderquis Revé y Su Changüí."  It contains the above song, but as a different arrangement and recording. I'm not sure where you could buy this CD.

Click here for the lyrics to the song "Amigos."

Group name: La Dinastía
Song title: "Como La Ciudad De La Habana"
Song title: "Me Impresiona"
Music used in: all videos so far (except for CM)

La Dinastía is now a defunct group.
They never released a CD. The music used are songs off a "demo" CD they made but never sold.

Click here for the lyrics to the song "Me Impresiona."

Group Name: Tierra Caliente
Song title: "Alondra"
Song title: "Amigo Mio"
Song title: "Donde Esta El Amor"
Song title: "Que Tu Tienes Juan"
Music used in: HMSA-I, HMSA-II, SALC-D, SALC-1, SALC-2, SALC-5

Tierra Caliente is a well known group.  They have recorded in the past, but don't have a CD available on the general market.

Group Name: Los Guanches
Song title: "La Negra Que Yo Tenia"
Song title: "Mio Solito"
Music used in: SALC-1

A classic son group.  I videotaped a party with people dancing to their music live.  They have released several CDs.

Group Name: Lázaro Rosabal y su Banda Tropical
Song title: "Quién Manda"
Music used in: SALC-5, HMSA-III, HMSA-IV

From their CD, "La Cara Dura, Eso No Se Cura"

Lázaro Rosabal used to play with the famous group, "Son 14" and took over as musical director when Adalberto Alvarez left to form his own group.

Group Name: Suena Cubano
Song title: "Margarita"
Music used in: SFTS-I, SFTS-II, SFTS-III

A group from Santiago de Cuba.

Group Name: Son Como Son
Song title: "Esto Se Pone Bueno"
Song title: "Nueve Años"
Song title: "Con Mi Gente, Voy a Mí"
Music used in: SALC-3, SALC-4, SALC-5, HMSA-III, HMSA-IV

A group from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.
All songs are from their CD, "Aquí no falta más nadie"
You can order the CD on their website at

Group Name: Conjunto Colores
Song title: "Hablador"
Song title: "Solito"
Song title: "Una Dos y Tres"
Music used in: CM

All songs are from their CD, "La Hora Llegó, The Time Has Come"
Their website is