Other ways of ordering Salsaville's products

I recommend ordering by credit card over the website, because it is the fastest and the cheapest method. However, if you don't have a credit card or for any reason you can't order by credit card over the website, there are some other options:

You can you use Western Union to wire money.

To order this way, first please email eric@salsaville.com telling me what videos you want and your mailing address and I will verify the total cost of your order. Along with this, I will email you the (simple) directions for sending a Western Union money transfer.

You can order over the telephone. However, with this method you will still need a credit card. I suggest that you email me your mailing address before to make taking your order easier. Please call +1-720-336-1239 to order by phone.

I am not by the phone all of the time. If I am not in, please leave a message, and I will call you back the first chance I get.

You can even order the old-fashioned way if you like (by mailing us a check):

1.  Print out the page for ordering online.
2.  Circle the items you want on this page.
3.  Add in $6 for shipping within the U.S.A., and $11 for shipping to outside the U.S.A.
4.  Please email me so I can confirm your order and give you my mailing address.