Eric " El Cubanito" Freeman
Salsa Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer,
Video Producer & Director

Eric “El Cubanito” Freeman is an internationally recognized salsa instructor and videographer. Based in Colorado, he has taught salsa in the U.S., all over Europe, Latin America, and at the Puerto Rican Salsa Congress. Eric's 15 instructional and demonstrational salsa videos have sold over 20,000 copies in 75 countries worldwide.

Eric first caught the salsa “bug” in 1993. He then developed his dance foundation at the two most prolific sources: New York City and Cuba. Owing to this dual influence, Eric's dance style defies salsa convention. His unique flair might best be described as a seamless integration between N.Y. mambo and Cuban casino, enhanced with elements of Los Angeles, Cumbia, and Puerto Rican styles.

In 1999, Eric left his job as an electrical engineer to concentrate full-time on salsa. He soon filmed and produced his first instructional video, “Cool Moves Revealed”, along with the world-famous Edie, “The Salsa Freak.” This pioneering video – the market's first to break-down advanced salsa moves – was such a huge international success that Eric decided to make salsa his new career. The following year, he introduced the equally popular “Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict” video series, which showcases some of his most innovative turn patterns and combinations over four volumes. Another huge hit is “íSalsa a la Cubana!”, Eric's six-volume video series, which has been the best-selling casino-style salsa title in the world.

Thanks to 15 months of dance training in Cuba and a strong analytical backround, Eric has become one of the world's leading experts on breaking-down the elements and techniques of Cuban salsa in a way that students can really understand. But what also makes Eric truly special as an instructor is his ability to fuse casino with other salsa styles. Equally comfortable dancing all the major styles – and on any beat of the music – Eric can show students how to integrate fast N.Y.-style spins, sensual Cuban-style rotations, and nifty L.A.-style tricks all in the same routine. In addition, Eric is a master at creating innovative and always leadable dance patterns. Thus he does much more than just explain technique; he inspires the creativity and confidence to dance salsa anytime and anywhere!