How to rate YouTube videos

If you like the video, could you please do me a favor, and rate it? This will help attract other YouTube viewers to this video, and hopefully get something like one million views as a few other salsa dancing videos have.

You will have to visit the YouTube page with this video directly in order to rate it. So just click here to go directly to this page:

If you don't already have a YouTube account, you will have to Sign Up first.

There are four things you can do to help the rating of the video:

1. Click the "Like" button.

2. Click "Save to" and select Favorites.

3. Click in "Respond to the video ..." to leave a Comment.

4. Click "Subscribe" to subscribe to my "channel" so you will receive updates everytime I release a new video.

Salsaville has other online videos -- here -- please feel free to watch and rate these as well. Thanks!