Sample Video and Audio Files

Installing will also install a sample video and audio file along with their sample video and audio catalogs.

These files have been specially prepared to show some of the many capabilities of :

  • The video clip shows two people dancing salsa. The cooresponding video catalog breaks down the various moves executed while dancing, and will show you exactly how can be used to catalog and annotate a video clip.
  • The audio file comes with an audio catalog that has the BeatCounter data pre-programmed so you will be able to see and hear all the beats for this song.

Please note that these clip will continue to play in even after the trial period has expired.

(Note: Do not alter the name of the video or audio file or it will cease to play. However, you are welcome to alter video and audio catalog file.)

We also have for sale a few of Salsaville's dance videos fully encoded in super high resolution and quality and complete with a full video catalog file.
  • Super High Quality
    Size: 4.0 GB
    Resolution: 720x480

    Available only on DVD-ROM through mail order.

For more information, please click here.

If you like how the BeatCounter helps you to see and hear the music, please check out the following:

We now have the full BeatCounter data for the CD: Los Mejores de la Salsa 2005

This is a great CD, with some of the best recent salsa music. Now, imagine being able to see and hear the beat throughout all of these songs! (There are 16 tracks on this CD.) This is a phenomenal learning tool. If you are a student and not sure of where the beat is, now you can have the beat always there to listen along with several great songs. You can select which of the 8 beats to also see and hear at the press of a button. This may be the key to hearing the music you have always been looking for! If you are a teacher, this is a great tool to market to your students. In addition, by hooking your laptop loaded with up to your stereo system during class, you can have all the students literally hearing the beat at all times.

In order to get this to work, please email me. For just $15 (plus shipping), I will sell you the original CD, along with all the BeatCounter data. You receive the original (brand new, unopened) CD along with a companion CD that contains the software along with the BeatCounter data for the "Los Mejores de la Salsa 2005" CD. Just install this companion CD and you are all set to go!

Track list for this CD is:
1. Te Propongo - Victor Manuel
2. Piedra Y Flores - Gilberto Santa Rosa
3. Lo Que Le Molesta - Tito Nieves
4. Que Diria - Obie Bermudez
5. Enamoradito - Oscar D'Leon
6. Yo Te Sigo Queriendo - Tito Rojas
7. Culebra - Grupo Niche
8. Si Pero No - Puerto Rican Power
9. Mala Mala - Pedro Jesus
10. Mis Amores - Jose "El Canario" Alberto
11. Que No Pare La Rumba - Sonora Carruseles
12. Color Esperanza - Sabor Latino
13. Son De Amores - Sabor Latino
14. Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor - Sabor Latino
15. Como Tu - Latin Sound
16. Dicen Por Ahi - Sabor Latino

In addition, for a small fee, I can create the BeatCounter data for your favorite Salsa tune (or any song with which you're having trouble hearing the beat.) I will email you back the Audio Catalog file, and then you will be able to play the song, hearing and seeing any of the beats you want! Again, please email me to arrange this.