Converting Your Conventional Video Library
into a Video Library

Why Convert Your Video Library to MPEG-1?

Many people don't maintain their video library on their computer. With the prior selection of second-rate computer media players to choose from, who could blame them?

But changes everything. Now that a media player with extensive and lightning-fast playback features is finally available, you're going to want to take full advantage of it. This may mean converting your entire video library from conventional VHS tapes and/or DVD discs to MPEG-1 video files.

While this will take some time to do, we believe it will be worth your effort for three reasons. First, you will find accessing video from your computer to be faster, more convenient, and more fun than maintaining stacks of VHS tapes or DVD discs. Second, 's playback capabilities simply blow away those of any VCR or DVD player. And third, 's cataloging system will allow you to bookmark specific scenes for immediate playback, anytime you want to see them. So no more shuffling through those VHS or DVD trays trying to remember which one contained that special scene you filmed or that cool dance move you need to brush up on! Instead, you'll have your entire video library in one location, with as your own personal video command center!

Just imagine it: as a dancer having your entire collection of dance video (instructional videos and any video filmed in clubs, congresses or classes) instantly available at your fingertips. And after you've bookmarked all the interesting scenes using 's cataloging features, you can instantly view any move you want at the stroke of a computer key! Regardless of what you do, dance or anything else, all of these same features can be used to help you catalog and view your video library, whatever the content may be!

What if I Already Have a Digital Video Library?

Even if you already have a digital video library, you might need to convert your content to a -friendly video format. This is because, for various technical reasons, many of 's awesome playback features work much better with some types of digital video formats than with others. We most recommend using the MPEG-1 video format.

Not all files will need to be converted:

Raw DV files (such as those transferred via Firewire from your digital camera) work fine, but are very large.

DivX encoded files may work just fine depending on how they were encoded.

Windows Media Video (.wmv) and MPEG-2 files will need to be converted in order to take full advantage of 's Advanced Playback features.

See the Supported Formats page for more info.

So, we've told you why we think you should consider converting your video library to MPEG-1. Want to learn how? We can help with that, too. Just read on ...