The Product Tour

Video Playback Features

Awesome video playback is really the core of what has to offer. And, as this tour will demonstrate, 's video playback features are faster and much more extensive than those of any other media player, including VHS and DVD.  So, if you really want to carefully analyze digital video, 's video playback features will prove to be an indispensable tool.  In fact, we think that these features alone will make your investment in well worth the price!

Select an activity to see a few of 's playback features in the screenshot and keyboard graphics below (you'll probably need to scroll down to see the whole thing):

Instantly jump forward or back by any number of frames, seconds, or minutes

Optimize your video playback speed (both slow and fast motion)

Define playback loops within large video clips

Customize your own keystroke settings, then use them to control video playback

Three ways to personalize your playback window

Watch video playback slow or fast without changing the pitch!


This tour demonstrates that ís playback controls are much faster, more extensive, and more accessible than anything youíve probably ever used before.  By itself, the capability to define playback loops so that you can cue-up a specific scene over and over again makes far more useful than any other video player on the market.  Add in the ability to advance or reverse playback by any number of frames, seconds, or minutes, and you have a very impressive media player, indeed.  If you analyze (or aspire to analyze) a lot of dance footage on your computer, these features alone will make your investment in well worth the price!

But, thatís not all you get with : innovative video playback features are just the beginning of what this great program has to offer!