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Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict
Volume III & Volume IV

Neal Watson from Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND:
(the person who maintains the complete list of all salsa videos)
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Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict, Volume III
Quick Review: This is our 5th MUST BUY Video

Beginner to Master level & unique moves

The first move is one of our favorites. It is part of a series of moves performing Salsa with only one hand & arm. We use this series as a rest period/song rather than leave the dance floor. It also enables you to get close to your partner as well.

(Before we go on with our review we would just like to say this. This video has many moves that can be used by physical therapists to teach people in wheelchairs how their partners can still dance with them. This first move in this video is used by Neal for women with only one arm how they can still dance. Many of the chair moves can be used by males in leg casts or wheelchairs.)

Move No. 12 is a MASTER LEVEL move. This move alone is worth the price of this video. Excellent move with a very detailed breakdown.

The styling & unique rotations for many of the moves make them well worth learning. The very detailed moves / twists / dips done to various musical counts make this video suitable to all styles of Salsa dancers.

There is a cross section of moves from basic social to more performance type moves. There are moves that will suit all levels & types of dancers in this videos.

Move 23 is a favorite. It is part of the Kissing dips series. You do not have to kiss your partner but this is a great dip for it. In the advanced classes here most people dance with their own social partner so we teach this dip with a kiss to the forehead or lips. It just adds to the romantic feeling you can get if dancing to Salsa romantic music.

The sit down moves were excellent. The moves teach you how to have fun & use your dance floor area to enhance your dancing style.

Move No. 41 is a must see for all males. Knowing this move alone was worth the price of this video. As males we all have danced with women that we do not want to for various reasons. This is the best & firm & politest way to get rid of them. Even the women here laughed & could understand the need for us to learn this move. We would just like to say that it very rude for males to refuse to dance with a female if he is free. This is part of the Salsa culture.

Overall an amazing video with some very unique moves.

Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict, Volume IV
Quick Review: Advanced & interesting moves.
Very good flowing moves.

This video is full of interesting variations of some common & not so common moves. There are some unique moves plus some quite flashy/performance moves.

The moves are all very well covered. Common mistakes are well covered.

Many of the moves will make you stand out from the crowd.

We really liked the forehead caress dip. This type of caress is very popular in South America (not in a dip) where it was a technique from the 1930's in Brazil.

There are some very complex enfolding turns.

There are also some of the best ending techniques for songs that we have seen.

Overall a very good continuation of this popular Salsa video series. Well worth buying.

Ralph Donkin from Stanley, UK:

"In 'Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict, Volumes III and IV' the quality of the production and the moves have improved yet again and the explanations are particularly excellent. The videos are an absolute gold mine of moves and information for all levels of dancer from beginner to advanced, some very classy, unusual and professional looking moves to suit all tastes in dancing, many never seen or found nowhere else. The print out guides are a most wonderful idea, any move can be looked up and used to perfect, explain and refine the hand and feet movements shown if needed. This combined with the unsurpassed quality and techniques in the videos cannot be found anywhere else I know.  Without question you must produce the best value videos in the world.  Excellent and fantastic are words that can only partly describe these videos.

I look forward to the next volumes in this series. Please keep up the good work for all the Salsa world."

Monika Rausch from Hargesheim, GERMANY:

"Great job on the new videos!! Very nicely explained, great moves and combinations - a very valuable addition to my collection of instructional videos. Well done."

Valdemaro Santi from Zurich, Switzerland:

"To keep in touch with the latest developments of salsa dancing I order and I watch your videos/DVD with pleasure. You show a mix of teachable figures and interesting ideas of the Cuban salsa style including the influence of the American salsa style which I like very much.

Your dance demonstrations with the charming lady, the presentation, and the music choice are professional work - very nice and well done!"

Terry Cutler from Quebec, CANADA:

"I now have the entire collection of "Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict" and I must say that these 2 DVDs (Hot Moves 3 & 4) have some really slick tricks. I've been dancing Salsa for 2 years now and get tips and tricks from Cubans while on vacation and most of the stuff I learned in Cuba were on these DVDs. I especially like the mode where I can jump directly to any move or let it play like a VHS. Keep up the great work."

Karim Talhouk from Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES:

"I think the new DVDs are very good & amazing! As the title indicates, they contains HOT moves for Salsa dancers, and I believe the amount of time for the number of moves & the explanations is good. Beginners will find it hard to catch or learn from these DVDs.

Shallon is really great partner (especially when it comes to twists & dips).

I enjoyed spin moves, twists & dips a lot, but not the sit down moves!

The DEMOs are amazing and I think the are the most important in the DVDs.

I think the DVDs are very good, and that you did a great job, so good luck in the future."

Dimitri Linde from Tokyo, JAPAN:

"Two new great salsa videos. I especially liked the Cuban moves – Eric does an awesome job teaching them.

Your new partner, Shallon, seems more Cuban than your previous partner. Very sexy body movement.

I like the layout of the DVD's -- better that VHS where it is impossible to ever find a given move again.

My favorite sections are 'Cuban moves', 'Multiple spin moves', and 'Dips and Drops' in that order. Also the whole idea of sit-down moves is great. Not sure that any more of those are necessary – people can come up with more after seeing many variations on the DVD.

The move I liked most (BY FAR) is the Cuban move where the man ducks under the woman’s arm. This gets a laugh every time!

I also like the Demos at the end of the video -- there are more moves there, and good styling pointers can be learned from them.

Please make MORE VIDEOS!!!!! I will order whatever you release, the very next day."

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