Salsaville Dance Studios


Salsaville Dance Studios will be offering four salsa dance courses starting August 4th.

Here are the conditions under which we are able to offer partner dancing salsa classes:

1. The classes will be held in an outdoor location.

2. You must register with a specific partner, and that will be the only person you dance with for the duration of the class.

3. All people present will be required to be wearing a mask at all times. No exceptions.

4. We will strive to maintain at least 10 feet between couples for most of the class. There will be moments when that distance is less, but we will be at least 6 feet at all times.

5. Class size may be kept to only 10 people. The rules are not totally clear as to whether only 10, or up to 50, people are permitted. We will see how this situation evolves.

6. The instructors can come around and help everybody while practicing, but won't get any closer than 6-10 feet from any student.

7. Because the class sizes are so small, and profit margins are so slim (if class size is kept to only 10), I'm afraid we need to make these non-refundable, non-transferable classes.

8. If you are not feeling totally healthy on any particular evening, make sure to not attend that class.


For a description of the class, please click on the link in the first column.
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BOULDER classes
Day and Time
Dates in
One Person
for month
One Couple
for month
Salsa, Level I
Intro to Salsa

with Marcela
Outdoors in Boulder
4th, 11th, 18th, 25th
Not available
Salsa, Level III
Intro to Intermediate Salsa

with Marcela
Outdoors in Boulder
4th, 11th, 18th, 25th
Not available
Salsa, Level IV
Intermediate Salsa

with Eric & Analis
Outdoors in Boulder
4th, 11th, 18th, 25th
Not available
$100 BUY NOW
Cuban Salsa, Level V
Advanced-Intermediate Cuban Casino & Rueda

with Eric & Analis
Outdoors in Boulder
5th, 12th, 19th, 26th
Not available
$100 BUY NOW

The classes will progress from week to week.


The Spark: 4847 Pearl Street, Suite B4 in Boulder

The Avalon: Sodal Hall: 6185 Arapahoe in Boulder (head east away from Boulder on Arapahoe. About 1.5 miles past Foothills. Building is on the left.)

The Avalon: BTS (Boulder Tango Studio): It's the same building as described just above, however the studio is accessed via a separate entrance which is on the north-east corner of the building.

  • Salsa, Level I - Intro to Salsa Dancing
    The famous "Intro to Salsa" class is for everyone who wants a solid intro to the world of dancing salsa. After just a few weeks, you'll know how to dance salsa, and be ready to start going out and having fun in the salsa clubs of Boulder and Denver.

  • Salsa, Level II - Advanced-Beginner Salsa Dancing
    The next step in becoming a proficient salsa dancer. After this class, you'll have mastered all the basics, and will be ready to start some intermediate level moves.

  • Salsa, Level III - Intro to Intermediate Level Salsa Dancing
    In this class, you will learn all of the fundamental and critical elements that will enable you to dance at the intermediate level. We will learn how to do the cross body lead with left and right turns and several sweetheart variations.

  • Salsa, Level IV - Intermediate Level Salsa Dancing
    An upper end class. In this class we will learn more of the most often used moves in the clubs, technique for leading and following, and several new and fancy combinations.

  • Cuban IV - Cuban Casino Fundamentals: 1st month
    Cuban salsa!: This is a great time to explore the "other half" of the salsa dancing world. It's still the same beat, the same 1,2,3, pause, but it has a very different feel, and a different set of turn patterns than the regular style salsa -- a great way to add what you can do on the dance floor!

    You've all seen it before -- Cubans having tons of fun, flowing seamlessly, while dancing to a different sound of salsa ("Timba") -- but wondering how they are executing these very different moves. Now you can benefit from Eric "El Cubanito's" experience and knowledge gained from over 17 months studying dance in Cuba. In addition, Eric produced the world-renowned "¡Salsa a la Cubana!" DVD video series, making him uniquely qualified to teach non-Cubans how to dance Cuban style.

    Prerequisites: At least two (preferably three) months of learning regular salsa.

  • Cuban Salsa, Level V - Cuban Salsa: Advanced-Intermediate
    In this class we will continue with more complex Casino style turn patterns, and continue to explore concepts, feeling, etc. of what makes dancing Cuban style different than the other styles.

    Prerequisites: At least three months of previous Cuban salsa.

What do all of these different "Levels" mean, and what level is appropriate for me?

Basic level salsa classes
Salsa, Level I – Introduction to Salsa
Salsa, Level II – Advanced-Beginner
Salsa, Level III – Intro to Intermediate Level

     – each class normally taken once before advancing to the next level

Higher level salsa classes
Salsa, Level IV – Intermediate

Salsa, Level V – Advanced-Intermediate

Salsa, Level VI – Advanced

     – each class to be taken multiple times before advancing to next level
     – material is always unique in successive repetitions of these classes

For Cuban Salsa classes
Cuban Salsa, Level IV: Cuban Casino Fundamentals (to be taken after completing at least Salsa, Level I & II, and preferably Level III.)
Cuban Salsa, Level V: Cuban Casino, Advanced-Intermediate
Cuban Salsa, Level VI: Cuban Casino, Advanced

For a further explanation of the levels and to help you determine which class is best for you, please click here.

What if I can't make all four sessions due to scheduling problems?

If you can make at least three of the four sessions, I recommend signing up, as you will still be able to learn pretty much everything taught in the class. If you can make only one or two of the sessions, please contact us first to see if it makes sense for you to join the class.

Another, but more expensive option, is to take a make-up private lesson. Often a half hour private lesson can catch you up with whatever you missed. A full hour will catch you up as well, plus get you some much-needed individual attention to help eliminate any bad habits, improve your technique, and generally help make it much easier to keep up with the class. Rates for private lessons are here.

What if I am a not quite up to the level of the class or I'm not sure if I am at the level of the class?

In this case, please contact me, and we can try to determine what class is best for you.
Also, you could take a "catch-up private lesson" to quickly bring you up to the level of the class that you would like to take.

What should I wear to class?

Comfortable clothing and slick bottom soled shoes. A shoe with a slick bottom is a shoe that doesn't stick hard on a wooden floor -- avoid new sneakers or hiking boots! Any leather soled shoe will work just fine.

Eric "El Cubanito" Freeman is an internationally known salsa instructor and video producer.
His renowned instructional videos have sold over 20,000 copies in 75 countries.
Eric has taught salsa throughout Europe, Latin America and at the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress.
For more information, please visit his website at: