September 2009: Level V (Advanced-Intermediate)









Week 2, Pattern 1:
1: XB to Lasso from open
2: on1, push W forward & to left so W does front cross, M steps under R-L on 3, to sweetheart wrap, picking up L-R on 6, lowering R-L for the wrap
3: super sweetheart turn to left, to WRT (keeping R-L low) to W's left hammerlock
4: XB WLT to unwind
5: 3/4MRT (holding R-L) to XB WLT:RE, w/ MRT gear turn, on6, man steps backwards along slot w/ L foot, the pivots to R & lands R foot forward along slot
6: forward & back basic (no hands)

For WRT out of wrap to hammerlock, W's step back on 5 is small so she can take the next 4 steps on the & of 5, 6, & of 6, and 7.

More variations of WRT from wrap (see last week for earlier variations):
1)  WRT to hammerlock (L-R goes over her head twice), then XB WLT to unwind, then XB
2) WRT w/ L-R over W's head, then R-L over her head & L-R goes low into an opposite direction wrap, Then unwrap her with a cumbia (stepping back with her on 1) & then pull her in. Do the unwinding during the cumbia w/ M's L forearm against her back. R-L is relaxed.


Week 2, Pattern 2:
1: XB (open to open)
2: Open break to wrap, then 1-1/2 WRT to hammerlock
3: XB:WLT to unwind her
4: WRT w/ MLT gear turn (don't release hands)
5: Open break to wrap, the 1-1/2 WRT to opposite wrap (w/ L-R over W's head, then R-L over her head & L-R goes low)
6: Cumbia to unwind her, & then on 5-7 bring her back to closed.


Week 2, Pattern 3:
same as pattern 2, but take 6 counts for 1-1/2WRT's instead of 4.


Week 2, Pattern 4: Super sweetheart: review from last week, except MLT during WRT to make it a gear turn.
1: XB RE:WLT, R-L, catching both shoulders
2: Supersweetheart turn to L, then WRT:RE with MLT gear turn.


Final pattern:
Pattern 1,
Pattern 2, (figure 4 disappeared, then morphed into a front & back basic)
Pattern 4




Class notes created by Charles Bier and revised and edited by Eric Freeman.