September 2009: Level IV (Intermediate)



Pattern, Week 1:

1: XB (open to open)
2: WRT to hammerlock (L-R high, R-L low)
3: "Pretzel" to WRT:
    on 1 M steps forward under L-R
    on 2 M steps R (behind W)
    on 3 M steps together, pivots 1/4-ish to L, & R-L goes up on M's R shoulder & L-R is down (W pivots 1/4 L)
    on 5 (start on 4) M pivots 1/4 L, & brings R-L over head & down
    on 6-7, M leads WRT w/ R-L (can help it along by pushing W's hip w/ L-R))
4: Stationary WRT gear turn (w/ MLT) (all four hands going over W-head)
5: "Behind Back Shake Hands" to WRT (rotate W's wrist & elbow up,
reach W's back on 3, switch hands on 5 and gently lead WRT. Can also do this with a toss.
6: oXB traveling 1-1/2 WRT (w/ MLT gear turn) (pickup L-L under R-R)



Opposite side XB:
          Man's footwork:
    on1 forward
    on2 in place
    on3 pivot 1/4R (with feet, partially with body)
    on5 step back perpendicular to slot
    on6 step forward back into slot
    on7 forward
    Pull on3 to give W momentum and start the turning part of the lead on4.

In place gear turns:
    normal WRT, but M steps R on 5, then pivots on L foot on 6, landing R foot on7.
    M turns a little after W.



Pattern, Week 2:
1: Loose hands forward & back basic
2: Calm hands forward & back basic (bring hands in & up on 7)
3: Open break cross body lead (open to open) (pushing/snapping woman back on1)
4: WRT:RE w/ MLT gear turn
5: WRT w/ MLT gear turn with all hands over Whead (Bring her hands together when she's about halfway through turn & be sure hands go over her head so she's comfortable.)
6: XB:WLT (open to open, regular hands)
7: oXB traveling 1-1/2 WRT (keep her hands close to each other)
8: 3/4MRT (holding R-L) to XB to sweetheart wrap catching L-R on 6 (M put L hand up for W to catch), keep R-L low for the wrap & keep L-R high
9: sweetheart turn to left, to WRT (both hands over head) to funny hands
10: oXB traveling 1-1/2WRT, releasing R-L


  • WRT:RE w/ MLT gear turn (simultaneous turn)
    (woman keeps lateral arm tone)
    1: M pivots W to his L (holding L-R & R-L)
    3: M pivots W to his R (winds her up)
    5: M step to his R & releases W to his L to initiate WRT
    6: M steps L, rotating L foot 1/4 to L
    7: M pivots around on L foot landing R foot on 7


  • Calm busy hands before initiating a lead so the lead is clear. Need at least 2 beats of calm before the lead.
  • Can pull hands up (about to chest level) & in on 7 to warn of an open break.
  • For a gear turn, if woman does multiple turns, man waits & just does his turn when she has 1/2 turn left.
  • Try to visualize each step of the woman
  • oXB traveling 1-1/2 WRT notes:
    • pull on 3
    • start turn on 4 & make sure she's already pivoted 1/4 when she lands 5
  • Bend knees on a turn a little bit to help maintain balance.




Class notes created by Charles Bier and revised and edited by Eric Freeman.