October 2006 Intermediate Class






         Double WRT

         Traveling released WRT

         Hand drops

         London sweetheart & unwind and hand slip





Part I:

  • Back break and traveling released WRT
  • R-R,L-L:WRT
  • XB:WLT
  • XB:2WRT
  • XB:WLT
  • Double head comb for M and RE:XB:WLT
  • sweetheat double hand catch & unwind


Part II:

  • XB switching to R-R on 7
  • Pick up L-L below & WRT
  • XB:WLT w/all hands over head
  • Hand slip-drop to get back to L-L:R-R
  • Repeat above two lines
  • Repeat above two lines
  • XB:WLT into sweetheart
  • Unwind & hand slip WRT
  • XB:WLT into London sweetheart
  • Unwind and hand slip WRT


Part III:

  • R-R head comb (using lower hands) & XB:WLT w/Whead duck into sweetheart
  • Unwind and hand slip WRT