November 2005 Cuban Casino II Class




New Moves:



Connecting Moves:

·        Think of Vacilala, Early Vacilala, Hecho and even Exhibela as simliar moves and usually moves you can do from Hecho you can do from Vacilala and Exhibela, etc.

o       For example, from Hecho you can do Deshecho.  Well, you can also do Deshecho from Early Vacilala & Exhibela (but not so easily from Vacilala)

o       From Hecho you can do a simultaneous MLT starting on5.  You can also do this from Early Vacilala & Exhibela (and from Vacilala which starts the “Vacilala con engaño” move.)

o       Can you do Compromiso from Hecho, Exhibela, Vacilala and Early Vacilala