July/August 1999 Advanced-Intermediate Class

        Part I:
3/4MRT and XB:WLT
basic and 2WRT

    Part II:
XB switching to R-R on7
Grab L-L below on3 and WRT
Box step placing R-R on man's right shoulder and WRT
Box step winding R-R behind back, release R-R and WRT
L-L head comb and XB

    Part III:
Open position basic and throw R-L and catch L-L and WLT
L-L head comb and XB:WLT by shoulder flip
XB into closed position

    Part IV:
Switch to R-R on1, grab L-L below on3 and WRT
3/4MRT and XB:WLT
Stop her half-way, unwind and WRT (slipping hands above)
Double comb and Luis XB:WLT
basic and released XB:WLT